Move MiG29A and yak41 to 12.7

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dont think they should move up currently as the stuff being added right now kinda outclasses them

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  1. you can easily notch the mig29 radar, the ones that you can’t that easily is the one on the Yak-141 and SMT
  2. the f16 radar is not the best in the game, the Mirage 2000-5F have a way better radar.

yes, i’ve notched mig29 radars every time i’ve seen the r27 missile coming (while flaring with burner off just in case it’s a T variant)

still get killed many seconds later after mig29 loses radar ping.

Notch better or go cold then.

the mig29s and yak41s are going to get r27et and r73s while the aim9m’s are going to be limited to f16c and av8b plus. I don’t think it’s going to be “outclassed”

“notch better”? You either notch or don’t notch lmao.

Going cold works only when the missile is spotted from far away, below 8km the missile is going to have much higher chances to hit. Same story when notching. Doing it up close won’t grant you survival.

the first mig29 is also not going to get r73 and the yak141 does only carry 4 missiles and either way i would rather have R27T instead of the R73 which together with ER’s, nobody would choose r27et over r27er. The GR7 also will carry 9M.

I would love to see what are you doing then if you say you can’t notch. Do you have a video of you doing so?

mig29 radar pretty nochable but yes all f16 and mig29 need 12.7 and the f14 maybe 12.3. its true

try to change aspect since R-27R has IOG (inertial guidance) so itll keep travelling in the direction thata it last saw you and predict where you will be based on that last known position, vector and speed


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i do hope they add the MiG-29G for the germans with the R-73, even if its a ghigher BR sicne germany will go cold unless it has a match up for the modern fighters

if you think that two sparrows plus the worst fm possible for air rb can put the f16 at 12.7 then the mig23 mld ml and mla should go from 11.3 to 12.0 since the two r24s are literally free kills on range.

iog and datalink. It’s the step between fox1 and fox3.

well yes, fox 3 missiles have an option to go fully independent of the launcher, even the ability to fire blindly and acquire a target.
datalink and IOG are 2 of the many features that modern fox 3’s have. the ER is kind of a precursor to these features but not the missile system

And here we go we spotted a US Main.

Just wondering, how you can want all those changes when your only top tier plane is the F16A ADF and you played only 145 games on it and honestly your kd in it is also quite terrible. You also didn’t even tried any other top tier plane so how you can want those changes when you have basically 0 experience in top tier?


i’m literally saying that you can notch mig29 all day but below 8km either cold or 90 deg aspect from radar the missile would hit anyway unless you notch right when you get the lock, but knowing the f16adf’s awful 12 deg/sec turn rate at 900kmh plus, it’s not going to happen.

Flying down low on terrain with a thing that can barely do 6 (six) g’s with six missiles and 20 minutes of fuel will also grant you kiss the ground. Now I realize why did I have better time on f4e having gotten killed so little times by r27s despite having 99 percent uptier matches, it just flies better for air RB and it’s easier to fly scratching the ground on f-4e than on f-16.

All i can do now is skirt around the mountains, wait for a furball to start forming, rush from behind, miss my two sparrows because they’re just sparrows that hit the ground or do the craziest shit, miss my aim9l’s because everyone has 250 large caliber flares while you only have the same pods as the 20 year older f8e, and then crit 3 people because i still have no HEF belts researched and get killed by a mig29 stalled out on an off bore r27 shot that makes the british SRAAM look like an absolute joke complete joke.

If you want the MiG-29A to move to 12.7, make sure to also say it needs R-73. The R-60M/MK are already anemic in comparison to the AIM-9L, and even more so when compared to the AIM-9M. With FM changes on the dev, F-16s are more than a match for the MiGs when it comes to dogfighting, in fact F-16C dumpsters the SMT, and the lighter F-16ADF Block 15/F-16 Block 10 can run circles around it (therefore they should too, go up…). Your point about F-16s having just two Sparrows is quite funny however, MiG-29s and 23s also just get 2 SARH/radar missiles… but I guess it’s fine to ignore that because it fits right into your narrative, doesn’t it?

I don’t get why MiG-23s should go up tho, as far as I know their radars aren’t PD and thus can be chaffed, the R-24R is much worse in comparison to the R-27ER and even the AIM-7F/M, and the jet itself is also worse than the MiG-29, I don’t see why it should be sitting at the same BR as the damn F-14B which is better in every regard… from the amount of CMs, to the amount of missiles, to flight performance, to radar performance etc.

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i think you are avg usamain. but the mla and mld good plane but the f5 more better in dogfight. the aim7 pretty good in mid and high altitude. perfect in headon situations.


F16 Players when they have to learn how to use the airbrakes ( also the g limiter was removed from this dev server )

Learn how to fly a plane then?

Thats also strange, because the Mig29 and Yak-141 does have your same CM count, only the GR7 and F14B does have a lot of them.

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