Move J-7D/E and J-8B to 11.7 or Nerf PL-5B

You should buy a J7D to try, pl5b can’t be a threat to anyone who is alert.Except for f4 and f14, everyone knows their ass is hotXDD

once again, if I cut afterburner I give myself a free target for everyone i had behind me. I’m a phantom, I cannot permit myself to dogfight in furballs. I can take down an isolated mig23ml, i can take down a j7d in an isolated 1v1, i can take down a mirage f1c because the f4e is not a brick compared to the rest of phantoms, however it’s still a phantom and needs to keep it’s speed and fly straight as long as there are furballs. If I decided to engage in a reversal I would have been called bad for dogfighting in the middle of a furball. There are some situations that doom you and you cant do anything about it.

i have tried the pl5b on the test flight, the missile locks on mig15 bis from side aspect from 1.5km away, it also strikes up close, it’s an amazing missile and people tend to underrate it because it’s not a NATO made weapon

the best rear-attack sidewinder, even better than some all-aspects sometimes
but even though it’s a good missile it is still a rear-attack
in fact J-7E and J-8B could carry Python 3… and i’m sure if they really got it it will go only 11.3 like Kfir C7

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I agree that the flight performance of the missile is good. But pl5b flare resistance too bad, and you can’t test this thing at the test site. Don’t jump to conclusions if you haven’t played this vehicle before.J7D is just a MiG21MF with 4XPL5B, and then you let a MiG21 with only four directions of RWR and no omnidirectional attack capability go to 11.7?What arrogance,huh? SKILL ISSUE

I don’t get your point. Was it not made by Nato=Junk? R73 and R27er are Junk? By the way, you did know Phantom is a fighter with two engines that produce mass heat, and flare is the normal flare, did you? Even R-60M can through the flare and kill you. What will be next: nerfing R-60M?

Or do you just think Chinese should only fly a bunch of junk whose BR is much higher than all the nation because they are Ching-Chong?

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