Move J-7D/E and J-8B to 11.7 or Nerf PL-5B

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they dont. it can only ignore them when you are like 600m away in a rear aspect.


What, PL-5B goes after single flare any time its fired above 1 km, sub 1 km it will go after flare in half occasions. If anything, these aircraft should get all aspect PL-5C instead of PL-5B as they never really carried these as only 40 were made. Or they should get their historical PL-8 but not in the current nerfed state without IRCCM. J-7D is really bad plane with only the missles making it somewhat useable, if anything that one should go to 10.7


i was 2km away plus when i’ve gotten killed by these missiles, also flaring onto the missile, not to the opposite direction.


even virtually dodging it, the missile still exploded way ahead of the heat signature
and here up is when the missile exploded.

yeah, make them more broken please! Waiter, waiter! More NATO planes with standard caliber countermeasures please!

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how about you do the bare minimum and cut the afterburner off?


You literally kept full afterburner, even R-60 would most likely hit you at that point lol.


Gotta love that full afterburner trying to flare a really narrow FOV missile


yeah, i should simply present myself for the almighty gsh23l instead

the aim9g has the same narrow fov and it eats 1 flare every time. Even magic 2s get flared away if you launch them from more than 1.5km away, from rear aspect full afterburner.

i’ve been killed by r60m’s on planes with dead engine while i was flaring. Point?

Go buy J-7D, use it,then come back and tell us how broken that plane is. Plot twist,it is not. You dont even do the basics of cutting off afterburner when flaring and then cry you got hit by a missle. Flares alone arent magical win button.


then dont complain if you get killed by the missile…

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In that situation, an Aim9G would have most likely hit too, same for the magic, you failed to cut your afterburner and you used flares well… Badly .
You should really check out some videos on avoiding death by IR missiles


are you actually aware of what i’m talking about? or are you just trying to counterpoint every single argument no matter how valid it is as if this was twitter?

man even the aim 9G would hit in that situation… just cut the afterburner.


how did I use flares “badly” if i’ve given my entire profile away from the missile’s vector? basically hiding myself behind flares.

You should really check out some videos on avoiding death by IR missiles

I did, that’s why I can deal with NATO and french missiles most of the times. But superior eastern technology very stronk especially after certain events noone should mention.

pitiful one point something KD on one of the still best jets ingame. I mean I wouldn’t care but you came in here calling me bad and justifying yourself.