Morris Mark II - Anti tank rifle carrier

Morris Mark II

TYPE: Anti tank rifle carrier/armored vehicle
TIME IN SERVICE OF THE NORWEGIAN ARMY: shortly after the war to the late 1950’s early 1960’s


  • 1x 14mm Boys anti-tank rifle
    -Barrel length: 910 mm
    -Cartridge: .55 Boys (Kynoch & RG)
    -Calibre: 14 mm
    -Action: Bolt-action rifle
    -Rate of fire: Ca. 10 round/min
    -Muzzle velocity: 884 m/s (2,900 ft/s)
    -Armor Penetration
    –23.2mm penetration at 90° 91m
    –18.8mm penetration at 90° 460m
    -Feed system 5-round detachable box magazine
  • 1x 7.7mm Bren light machine gun

Mass: 3.7 ton
Length: 4.06 m
Width: 2.03 m
Height: 1.88 m
Crew: 3
Engine: Morris 4-cylinder petrol engine
Eigne power: 72 hp
Power/weight: 24 hp/tonne
Suspension: Mk II: 4 x 4 wheel
Operational range: 385 km

Armour: 8-14 mm

The Mk I was developed as a light reconnaissance vehicle and was delivered from 1943. The Mk I variant only had rear wheel drive. About 1,000 were produced. The Mk II came in 1944 and received four-wheel drive and therefore a number of changes and improvements in suspension and wheel suspension. About 1,050 of this variant were produced. In service, this vehicle was used as a light reconnaissance vehicle and as an escort vehicle and for guarding airfields and other important installations. The wagon was reasonably well liked, but was mainly used in rear lines as there were better wagons for the front line. The wagons were phased out shortly after the war and sold to other countries, some still exist.

Norwegian usage
After the war the Norwegian army decided to buy some of these vehicles, the certain number is unfortenately uncertain. these were bought from unknown British sources. Even tough these vehicles being very popular among the crew or operators, they saw little usage and were phased out at the end of the 1950s/early 1960’s. This was a very mobile vehicle with excellent on road and off road capabilities, this combined with its fit eigne and high speed wich is around 90 km/h made it very popular and well liked.

The picture shown further up in this post is from a winter exercise wich took place in the early 1950s. One of these carriages still exists and are at one of the museums in Norway, currently uncertain for me wich location.

This vehicle could mount one 7.7mm Brengun and one 14mm Boys anti tank rifle. this combination could have a nice function in game, even tough it is a AT rifle with low penetration. With its speed and capabilities on an off road it could flank and capture zones or attack lighter vehicles at rank 1.



Morris mark 2 — ImgBB



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This would kind of be the starter vehicle of the Norwegian sub-tree kind of like the Csaba for the Hungarian tree, small gun, no armor, but mobile

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Dam 10 rpm. 23mm… but i think it looks neat and would still be viable. Sadly the british never build the Mgs that use the Boys ammo, after they came to the conclusion that it was outdated. The HMGs with would have been effecive from a game perspective.

moblile, no armor the best setting ;)

would proably be 1.0/reserve

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Quite old rifle, but a bolt action should be more powerful tough, might be part of the reason

it should be viable, if played right at least hehe