More SL/RP for NOT dying in battle

So I think you should be rewarded for NOT dying during a battle, or even if dying was graded on a curve, for example If you don’t die large rewards, if you die once less rewards and twice even less, etc, etc. I see so many players die 3, 4 even 5 times and still take first with the same amount of kills as I have. Or maybe the top 3 spots get an added bonus.

The whole premise of the game IMO is to obtain SL/RP to unlock the next tier and if you win the match, well that’s an added bonus. If the reward ( SL/RP) was large enough I think this could possibly change the game dynamics of the game play and make for a better player experience.


If you dont die you are not playing hard enough and therefore you dont deserve any reward :)))))))))))))


Aight, camping it is then lmao


Is a semi-realistic, mostly-historical vehicle combat game. Not “War Accountant”. I know its hard to remember that…
You kind of have a point, in that survival and self-preservation should be rewarded, that is notionally what “repair costs” are supposed to induce/simulate.
But at the same time, the mission comes first, and… its a game. Its supposed to be exciting and you are supposed to go for the win.
It already does give extra RP rewards for staying in the game longer and full session. So I think that is already pretty well balanced.

Not sure why you are emphasizing “War Account”? My thought is yes u have to be active not just spawn in and sit there. I have several times spawned in ended in first place a with zero deaths and I should be rewarded for exceptional bravery while under fire! lol.

How did you get multiple spawns with zero deaths? Asking for a friend…

you might be mis reading my post, I spawned in at the beginning of the match.

Would promote too much passive play.

More aggressive, objective orientated play should be sought, not the opposite.

There are already so. E rewards you can earn not dying in a battle. You also get the reward of not paying a large repair bill.

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Passive or “realistic”?

What’s the point of “realistic” play then?

Not for “NOT” dying specifically.

Yes there are. I earned a couple tonight

No there is not.

Bulletproof, survivor, adamant are 3 rewards for not dying.


Then they need to give a bigger reward than the petty bs they do now.

How would you know though? You didn’t even know they existed at all let alone know what you get for it. People also continuously make the mistake of assuming the reward they see announced is the total they are getting and complain but it’s not. The numbers your show are stock value, your vehicle modifiers, boosters and battle results all boost the number. If say it’s a 2000SL reward but your tank has 800% sl modifier the reward will actually be 16000sl plus the reward for winning, boosters etc


There’s nothing realistic about tank combat in Warthunder, nor is there anything passive about modern armor theory and tank combat tactics.


I have seen this but does it correlate to zero deaths? I have received these awards for all finished positions not just 1st or ending with no deaths. and you don’t always get them for the same.