Mitsubishi SH-60K: The workhorse of the JMSDF

Not really much tbh. The US Army says that the M variant which is equipped with the Blast Fragmentation Warhead is used against Bunkers, Buildings, Towed Artillery, Boats and etc. I guess it isn’t effective against MBT’s or even thin skined vehicles.


[Image from page 19.]

In WT, it could be effective against vehicles without armor (such as the FlaRakRad, Pantsir-S1, Type 93, Type 81 etc). Also, the warhead has 2.511kg of PBXN-109 explosive fill so, it might be able to overpressure and destroy or knock out crews of some vehicles (such as the various M113 variants, small thin skined vehicles)? Though these are guesses.

Warhead information in page 35.
TECHNICAL ORDER 00-105E-9 revision 11 segment 14

Technically, it has a delayed fuse setting mode, which makes it somewhat similar to a SAP. But yes, it will add a limited amount of penetration.


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Didn’t the JMSDF just recently completed trials on the new XSH-60L variant? I think its basically just upgraded electronics but with a better engine I think. Its got some sick ass liveries as well.


Yeah, it was accepted into service on Dec 22 2023.
I don’t have concrete evidence, but it is said that it has an upgraded transmission and an improved tail-rotor-blade. These improvements are aimed at solving the loss of torque under high-tempreture-environments such as the Cost of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden where the JMSDF has been involved in the international counter-piracy effort under CTF 151.
Also it is said that the mission system has been improved to be able handle multistatic-sonars meaning that it is able to use not only its dipping sonar’s data but also other sonar’s data.
Equipment wise, the FLIR system is changed from the Ratheon made Fujitsu built licenced one to one that is built by actuall “FLIR System”. Also there’s a weird boxy thing under the MAW which its use is not known. (image in spoiler)


Original photo from JMSDF X (formerly known as Twitter) Account

Armament wise, there isn’t much to say else than the fact it is able to use the Type 12 torpedo, but was probably usable for the SH-60K (also no concrete evidence to prove for this post).

Also, here’s a random image with a XSH-60L with 2 torpedos.



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Is it known if the second hardpoint can mount Hellfire missiles? If so, this would be a nice improvement over the SH-60K when both are added (4 missiles for the K and 8 for the L)

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.