Missing Japanese F15J AAM 4 and 5

Why the Japanese F15J only have AAM-3 infra-red missiles? While the AAM-4 and AAM-5 missiles are missing.

AAM-4(/B) and AAM-5(/B) came with MSIP

Besides that; both missiles are far better than what we have in-game atm


because they didnt add fox 3


Yes these are not missing because the current version is a pre-msip plus your asking for missiles that are above anything right now.

Im not disagreeing with you i just wanted to laugh at the fact they said " oh we dont like realsing vehicles in a gimp state " then proceeds to do so ahhh warthunder never chnage you old son of a gun

That is why i hate how they update the game. The Gaijin always update many cool stuff into the game but don’t add in the relevant ammunition or ability. While they decide to choose F15J to add in the game, they should add-on relevant technology/ability as new way of game play. Instead of update a brand new plane/vehicle but the game play experience or the way you play still 99% similar then the previous one, what is the point of update like this? It just like you add in M1 abrams that without stabilizer&thermal scope.

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No it’s not.
AAM-4 & AAM-5 are 2000s missiles, this is a 1980s aircraft.
The BR for AAM-4 & 5 don’t exist either.
Wait for MSIP in a future update.

you realize that the other planes hasnt gotten fox 3 either, which should actually get them first, not to mention that japan got the aam 3 with is actually new relevant technology for japan

Current F-15J can get AIM-120B and C-5 in a future update - Just AAM-4/B and AAM-5/B as well as HMCS require the MSIP version

Their reason is β€œAll nations will get fox-3 at the same time in the first or the second patch in next year”
I’d say it is pretty reasonable

You really got a nerve to come here and whine at what Japanese F-15 didn’t get, especially when you compare it to other F-15 variants that other nations will get this update.