Missiles Needed to Counter Russia (Poll)

Multiple Choice:

Which missiles do you think are needed to balance the game now that Russia has the MiG-29SMT with R-73 and R-27ER/ET?

  • AIM-9M
  • AIM-9X
  • AIM-7P
  • AIM-120 (AMRAAM)
  • PL-9
  • Python 4
  • AAM-3
  • None (Everything is fine as it is)

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  • IRIS-T
  • AIM-132 (ASRAAM)
  • AIM-95
  • None

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Please see below a follow up thread with a more specific goal in mind:


Missing IRIS-T me sad


Does the IRIS-T have any launch platforms in game yet. I considered adding it and the ASRAAM but I figured nothing could use them yet anyways so it didn’t matter?

Tornados used them, the f4f maybe as well, IRIS-T was build to be compatible with any AIM 9 programm / missle fitting

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In my opinion AIM-120As wouldn’t be much of an issue, they would still have worse kinematics than the R-27ER aswell as a low pitbull range just like the AIM-54s, the advantage being that you can launch multiple at once however this could be balanced by as of now limiting the F-16Cs to carry only two on the same pylons as the AIM-7Ms.

The AIM-9M is technically inferior to the R-73, I guess it would have a better IRCCM but still misses the thrust vectoring making them less useful in dogfights.


This is what the poll is for, to gauge peoples opinions, hopefully the devs see and can use it to make decisions on what to do next.

That is why I put both the 9M and 9X on there.

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Not current F-4F tho. Only the ICE tested them

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Yeah I know, well I didn’t say it earlier but I think it’s fine for the AIM-9M to be inferior maneuver-wise, it would be somewhat of a balanced gameplay with R-73s being useful for dogfights and AIM-9Ms being better at rear tracking flare rejection.

The AIM-9X would combine both good flare rejection and maneuverability, same goes for the IRIS-T so I think those are too early for now.

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This is a great idea, hope devs notice it

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Which version of the tornado used them? I know Italy has (1995) next to it so it wouldn’t be able to use them, and the UK and Germany have later versions of the Tornado that need to come. I don’t feel like it’s worth changing the poll for anyway, I apologize.

Can you add AIM-95 in the poll?It would give 11.3 Phantoms some ability to counter 12.3s


Really weird though that they didn’t even give the Barak II atleast Python 3s and the total lack of Fox-1s makes no sense whatsoever as it’s also ahistorical to mount AIM-7s on American block 50s so why bother with accuracy on Israeli block 40s.


IRIST is too powerful for now.Right now we dont need a 100G missile in game.

yk it could be fired from everything that has a 9L Launchrail

Sorry but the program was cancelled and never saw active service from what I see, I’m not putting it on the list as I can’t see it ever being added to the game.

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As far as Ive heard, the AIM-7F and onward could guide on PD without the need for the extra CW illuminator

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PL-8B would be a better choice over PL-9 as PL-9 is for export only.

The Yak 141 didn’t see service either yet it’s in the game and they even added things that werent present in the aircraft. So i dont think AIM-95 would be a issue.


quote from a technical moderator, I’m not happy about it but that’s their reasoning

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AIM-7Fs are quite bugged right now.It feels like those missile dont know where they are going. Often they head towards wrong direction even with a strong radar lock.