MiG-29 SMT like a flying brick

Mig29SMT the worst flying performanced mig29 atm.
Horrible ratefight, energy fight, useless radar etc… but the smt have more powerfull engines, fly by wire etc… and have better radar and sensors. I understand the usamain skill optimalization but this is pretty nosense xd. very unbalanced


I thought the SMT was the same as the current MiG-29 but it gets CAS ordnance?

That’s what happens when you strap on a few extra tons.


yep but the extra tons compensated with the better engines and the controll system. :D

They have the same engines don’t they?

Engines are the same, and control system can’t make added weight good.

Thats what happens when you add tons in aditional weight with no engine improvement.

This is accurate, the SMT will have worse flight performance.


yea rd33 but the smt have upgraded version of rd33

Had to lookup RD-33, and only the 29K got improved engines for carrier takeoffs it seems.

They do not, at least not the 9.19 we have in game

And that would have barely any difference, maybe improve reliability and/or AB thrust but only barely

That’s what I thought, but obviously we should just trust this guy with no sources on it?

Did you ever try flying the tornado? That is a brick, donkt think the smt is that bad

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thats true xd

Absolutely normal, it’s a flat ton heavier compared to the MiG-29A and has the same engines with the same intakes that limit low speed thrust.

Interesting thing, as far as I know the MiG-29 SMT (9.17) has been upgraded to RD-33 ser.3, is this accurate or inaccurate?
Since it is difficult to find relevant information on the Internet, at least according to https://web.archive.org/web/20070706233505/http://www.migavia.ru/eng/production/?tid=1&id=3
this is the case

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The improvement on the series 3 was only in engine life span, not in power.

The only engines featured on MiG29s that have improved power are the rd33k (MiG29K and MiG29m (9-15, the 29M designation was used later by russia for the 9-67, which has the normal rd-33)

mig29 smt have better avionic and flight performance. russians try to balancing the more weight

No it does not have better performance, it’s a normal MiG29S that has the added weight of the very big spine and other stuff to give it extended service life and make it multirole

bigger spine for more fuel