MIG-29 Balance Opinion Gathering

It really isn’t though. The 9M has superior IRCCM (due to the fact it actually has IRCCM). The 9X bridges the HOBS gap but it is a far superior missile in literally every other way


Yeah but it’s the first and only US missile comparable with R-73

i really agree with that, if they do not give aim-9l to some planes, must be need to change the br

It really depends on how you define “comparable”. According to just about everything, the 9M’s IRCCM is superior to the R73s. The range ought to be more or less the same and it is inferior in maneuverability. The 9X is technically “comparable” when it comes to maneuverability (extremally high HOBS at point blank range) but in reality is superior in just about every way.

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Comparable not because they have similar performance but because of their features. The AIM-9M is simply outdated as a missile concept, while the R-73 sets new standards that the AIM-9X follows.

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I thought we are talking about game balance not missile concept here?

Only if you focus on the thrust vectoring and nothing else.

The R-73 seeker is as outdated as the AIM-9M engine is.

Doesn’t come close to the AIM-9X.

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