MIG-29 Balance Opinion Gathering

  • MIG-29A and MIG-29G lose R-27ER; receive R-73, stay at 12.0
  • Receive R-73, move up to 12.3
  • No change, Keep ER, No R-73

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  • MIG-29SMT loses the ER variants, keeps R-73. Moves to 12.3 thanks to the extra fuel, better radar and other benefits over the MIG-29A.
  • MIG-29SMT keeps all and moves to 12.3

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I think SMT and A/G having the same A2A load can still justify a step up in BR, just like F-16ADF and C, both have the same A2A load, but C will go up because of the benefits it brings. It would actually give a nice similarity between both trees, and also offer a gameplay difference, F-16 will have the longer range radar missile, however the Mig-29 will have the better IR missile.

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ER is fine but ET is very much not

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I think having best missile in any given scenario is not particularly balanced, I think removing them would give the most balanced and dynamic gameplay.


ER is strong yes but it’s still not as blatantly overpowered as the ET which is more of a counter to the AMRAAM than the Sparrow tbh


On its own; it doesn’t completely ruin balance, mainly due to MIG-29A’s radar not being particularly capable, SMT changes this, especially with the R-73 combination.

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The addition of the SMT is completely pointless at this stage of the game… The Mig-29A would’ve been just fine if it recieved the R-73


The point is very simple, The 29 9-13 was the best performing airframe with the most potent SAHR missile. That wasn’t enough so gaijin decided to add the 9-19 to ensure it also has the best (or one of) radar and best heatseekers


I don’t think it’s pointless, I think having a 12.3 SMT with R-73 and R-27R/T would offer enough over a 12.0 A with the same missile load, whilst also being balanced vs the F-16ADF/F-16C.

Gaijin back at it again deciding its not enough for Russia to be the best performing major nation, they need to be the best performing nation ingame by a WIDE margin.

R-73 is literally considered to be better than the AIM-9M and the incoming F-16C is a 1990’s variant of the aircraft running a 1972 AIM-9L ffs.

The F-16’s also just get absolutely bodied in terms of flight performance with the MiG-29 exceeding it in all flight regimes ingame, and then the cherry on top being the MiG-29’s 27E variant weapons which VASTLY outclass any current weapon ingame.

Super great gaijin balancing decision, 10/10


Please actually play it on the dev server before making this kind of statement. The SMT is very clunky due to the heavier weight while the F-16s feel even better than they once did.

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I think the best solution would be to remove R-27ER from early MiG-29s and keep them at the current BR while SMT keeps its loadouts but at 12.7 BR. That of course with addition of better missiles for other nations such as Python 4, AIM-9M, early AIM-120, AIM-7P etc.


I don’t understand the reluctance of adding the AIM-9M, if it’s technically inferior to the R-73, still having to use the AIM-7Ms instead of Ps is just completely ridiculous at this point.


But isn’t anywhere near balanced against any 11.3 ingame.

So fuck all other nations i guess.


you know what is not very fun F-16 pulling 19 G’s

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i have the Mig29SMR spaded on dev server. It flies exactly the same like 9.13 and 9.12.
F16 on the other hand - 9G limiter as always.
Just stop ignoring the bias.

F16ADF which now is in the folder should receive aim7P2 (datalinked and low alt improved version of sparrow) and stay on the 12.0.
F16C block 50 should get both Aim9Ms and Aim7P2 and go 12.3 together with 9.19.

This would solve the issue for US/Rus balance. Other nations are gaijined. And there is no possible way to balance out Barak II since it cannot use sparrow missiles at all.


I don’t think AIM-7P will work without TWS

YEAH, Mig 29 at 12.7 is the only way to add it. At 11.3 there are tons of permiums, F4’s, Mig23’s etc. THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT THE MIG29SMT

Yeah, no. Shut up about no downtiers. There will be downtiers to 11.3 if the plane is at 12.3, and especially at 12.0 since there’s a huge amount of players at 11.3, and less at 12.0. Thus the 12.0 players will recieve more downtiers in their matchmaker. It happends already.

  • New missiles for other nations are needed. Python 4’s, AIM9M, AIM120 etc

they are already testing aim120 + 9m vs r73s + r77 just wait lol

F-104S ASA

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