Mi-8TV "no loadout" weapons pylons

The Mi-8TV, when the “no loadout” option is selected, still has the weapons pylons attached to the helicopter.

I suggest that, when the “no loadout” is selected, that the weapons pylons disappear. It would make the helicopter look much better, and would make for uncountable amazing cinematics that would be great for videos.

This thing:

You should file a bug report here and tag it with [Dev] on the title

Should be acknowledged within a day or two

Sounds good.

This is my first time using the dev forums so I got no idea where to post this problem, so thank u ^-^

Post this under Windows x64 > Helicopters

Make sure to include a screenshot taken with the in game key and a .clog file, it has instructions on how to get both on the website

All done

Now I just hope the snail actually implements it ^-^

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Tbh they wont. the original helicopter was fitted with those pylons, even if they were no weapons attached to it.


The only thing i really want them to add and is pretty easy to do, is just to have openable cargo doors just like the Mi-4.