MH-60L Black Hawk: Air Cavalry!

Well, half truth. the one mainly used in daily operations has no armament. but the one used by SOG (Special Operations Group) MIGHT have. its classified and not shown publicly, which might lead one to believe that its armed.
I know this isn’t enough information for it to be added.

But this might be:
They also never used the AH-64A but it was still added (and is still) in game for them to have something at top tier. so to add UH-60M(or L for balance) which they actually use, though without armament, isn’t that unreasonable.

Sweden has an entirely different variant, the UH-60M which is a purely utility variant.

It is not the armed MH-60L DAP.


if gaijin do so, im sure that chinamain will be angry

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The Apache was trailed by Sweden with the intent of purcahse as an Anti-Tank helicopter.

If information becomes available that Swedish UH-60Ms can or have been armed, its possible it can be reconsidered. But as of right now, there are no plans for a Swedish Black Hawk. They have an entirely different version with significant internal differences to the armed gunship variant coming to the game.


Z-20J, you mean. (seen here with AKD-9)

I look forward to more of all the blackhawk Types. Japan has their own pattern with hellfires too, although they have less on their stubwings. (SH-60K)


im sad that chinese hawk has no weapon :(

So what’s with the change of heart about the israeli Black Hawk?

@Smin1080p will Japan be getting a variant? Japan variants both J and JA are based on the 60L as stated by Mitsubishi and the Japanese version of the LM website clearly states that the Armed Blackhawk is a product that has been purchased by Japan and some if not all J and JAs are up to ABH standard.


It’s a fundamentally different variant with different optics, a 20mm turret, and different weapons. Probably a mistake on their end conflating the two separate Blackhawks gunship initiatives.

I know, I just meant like, at least they actually field the UH-60 and have in inventory, compared to 0 AH-64’s in their inventory, I meant as a replacement to be remotely more realistic compared to the AHS, although the AHS is the only thing worth grinding for Swedens heli. I also read your post on the Swedish trialing the AH-64A, and while this is true, it’s a bit more real than the Mi-28, also, just seeing as how there are other Swedish helis with these exceptions, like the Alouette, which as far as I’ve know about had never been fitted with the SS.11 (RB-52 I believe) missiles, but there’s a list of things I could say as discrepancies in the Swedish heli tree, like the possibility to weaponize the AW190 (similarly to the Lynx/G-lynx) or the AS550

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Well, it Definitely CAN be armed, but (to public knowledge) hasn’t been armed in the Swedish military.
The Version Sweden bought is just straight up the USA UH-60M version with some addons as it was bought at short notice because of a urgent need for deployment.
Screenshot 2023-10-27 212629


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Yeah, I like it, here’s the thing, Sweden, being a passive country isn’t going to attack anyone without being provoked, so unless it’s a direct defense helicopter, it wouldn’t make sense for them to use it as that, but as a troop carrier to move soldiers to the combat area. Seeing how it can be used defensively though, it would make sense to have a few set up this way at the ready, although, they have things like the Gripen or JAS-39 at the ready with AGM-65/Rb-75 self holming missiles, it has counter measures, a vast weaponry choice, Supersonic design, amazing radar, and fast response times to any threat. So it just depends on the situation for this heli while the Gripen is a (like its title states) Multirole fighter. Sweden made one other vehicle I can think of that is situational, that’s the Strv 103, while it being cool and unorthodox, and great in practice, it’s very situational.

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Absolutely :)
And as i stated before, the Swedish SOG has one of these UH-60M that is modified and Classified. this could very well be an armed version since everything SOG does is, by nature, situational. but we will never actually know for sure.

i just feel like this is the only chance Sweden has for an in game top tier attack helicopter as it has no plans to develop or acquire any attack helicopters at all in real life. so if we don’t get this (or a version of it) added to Sweden then the AHS will forever be the top tier Heli at 11.0. which will be super sad when they add newer tanks and increase the maximum rank for ground.

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Your uber driver has arrived XD

Everything but the Apache Guardian huh…

Another useless addition.

how is this useless?

same weapons there’s no difference from this from any of the other u.s helis. they are literally milking people for golden eagles. Same missiles, Most likely the same useless laser guided rockets like the ones already in game.

Okay, where are the M230 Chain Gun 30 mm automatic cannon gunpods, GAU-19 gunpods and M134 minigun pods?
I mean, these are the things that makes this bird special? (And might justify the BR too, or maybe give it a higher BR if you want, but these things should not be missing)

And M134D miniguns which are used as door guns would be nice too. If not operated by door gunners, then at least the locked version.

The Radar is also missing and it would be nice to be able to open the side-doors please. :)

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