Map Rotations:

Who else thinks Gaijin really needs to work on the map rotations? There are several maps that I have not had over a year now but yet I keep getting the same ones like 4 times in a row! Stop the insanity Gaijin and make sure every player gets a better map rotation and this is why players get bored and leave! Tired of getting Sweden or a desert map over and over again! And let players be able to block more than one map that they don’t want to play!


i’ve had the same map 3 times in a row which was good as it was a good map

Joguei tanto no Castelo Ibérico que agora falo português.

But not all maps are equal, who wants to keep getting a city map or Spaceport over and over with Sun City thrown in!


Isn’t just the lack of rotation in Arcade which is limited depending on the BR.

Seems like it’s turned into nothing but the same 4 or so maps and and an endless string of kiddie conquest games which end quick due to half the other team just rushing your spawn ignoring the cap point. Oh and lets not forget the continual bomber spam about 90 seconds in.

Game is getting kind of pointless unless you clan up and seal club.

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What is that? You want to play Iberian castle for the fifth time in row? No problem!

Gaijin really likes to mess with map rotations when they add new maps.


At least show us what’s the current rotation maps


What’s interesting is I have outright asked several times over the years how the map rotation and game mode is selected even starting a couple threads on it in various sections in the old forum.

Never once got an answer from the mods or the old hand player base.

It isn’t as random as many say, there’s patterns if you watch such things.


you do realise that the maps you dont get, you dont get because people are banning them. if they give more bans then you will get even less variety in maps

city maps are shit in general lol