Map Ridiculousness, North Holland, Done with WT Today

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I actually find North Holland to be a decent map, but I’ll agree that depending on the mode, the cropping out of areas is stupid.

Now I’m the type that is willing to hang back and protect the spawn from getting flanked. Most players won’t and just drive straight into the town.

I’ve found that this is some weird server slotting at times. I have even logged out of the game, returned a few hours later and voila… same map grouping!


Here’s the issue - I WANT to play the full North Holland map, but each and every time it shows up it’s cropped. Nope, not gonna’ do it.


Totally agree wasted time creating maps if they don’t even play the game, you respawn go 10 meters up front you get hit by a camper behind the building in the first 1 minute of the game special map design.


So I attempted to create a thread to point out this problem with the North Holland map, but the lovely mods removed it even though it had no harsh language at all, just asking them to correct this problem. Apparently Gaijin likes to suppress legitimate player feedback. Big surprise.

Firstly, I do not agree with blocking off more than half the map as is done in North Holland. As already pointed out this makes any flanking maneuvers impossible and renders no choice but a frontal assault. (What are light tanks for again?) Also, what was the point of all that nicely modeled map if you’re not allowed to play on it? But in their wisdom, they blocked the entire east bank of the canal, EXCEPT this ONE perfect defilade spot which allows the south spawn team to totally dominate the map if they can get 1 tank into it, since it CANNOT be outflanked due to the death barrier and cannot be avoided since it has a perfect field of fire across the remaining width of the map with which to spawn camp the north team as they leave spawn. Gaijin even put a nice bush here for the campers to hide behind. This renders an already un-fun map unplayable as it is a guaranteed win for the south spawn if they can get a tank into this spot. This has earned this map already the top place on my ban list. Gaijin, please fix this! Either remove the death barrier, or move it fully up to the bank of the canal so this camping spot is behind it.


If Gaijin has a heatmap of where players sit to get the most kills, I’m sure this spot is already glowing white-hot.


Even better suggestion. Remove this version of the map and re-arrange the caps so that the B cap is on the east bank along with a spawn for each team.

If this is genuinely true, then that could easily be reported as a map bug. But that’s IF it’s accurate and not just a perception.

There has to be no ‘reasonable way’ to get to, or have that happen to the other team in the same manner, or that there’s no-where else at all that it turns to happen.

Check it out for yourself, then tell me if it’s a “perception”.

I’m saying this, to let you know how you actually define ‘unfair’ and a ‘bad mapping’ situation, not telling you that it’s not…

Think about that before taking things personally as many on the forum here do.

The maps in this game are the worst in any game I have ever played and they only keep making them worse. The changes almost exclusively have ruined replayability, tactics and forced CQC bullcrap while making spawn camping WORSE.
It started when Karelia had all the fun climbing, bush, hilly zones made red, it became over 60% of that amazing map made into a useless area.