MANPADS Missiles and Overload: The Technical Details

More retarded reasoning. Same with the german leopard armor. Using the base Igla for modelling everything is just dumb


Bro please … the soviets manpads are bad therefore we don’t believe the western ones are good and thus we have chosen to ignore the available sources .

I mean why do we even bother complaining anymore .


what a joke. Remember “we will no longer take Russian sources for nato vehicles”?


Gaijin stop using Russian sources on western tech they aren’t reliable for changes, just like you said in the the bug reports, Russian sources isn’t reliable to bug reports and changes, use western manufactured sources that is widely available. Never ever Use Russian ones ones.


All sources are reliable when it comes to nerfing something. You can even use FAKE sources, evident by the m735 bullshit



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This whole dev blog.


So the standard for what sources will be followed or won’t be followed is entirely down to what Gaijin believes? Not what the sources say?

This is a joke.


So… did the engineer at snail HQ ever decide to actually take a look at the difference between SA-14 and other rolling airframe SAMs?

You know, the little things, like how SA-14 rolls slowly (~10 RPM) and uses Bang-Bang control method that wastes energy overcorrecting? While all these other missiles roll multiple times faster and don’t waste energy on overdeflecting the control surfaces?

PID control is not only faster and more precise, but it can also change the flight vector without waiting for the exact moment to fully deflect the canards during the roll.

We’ve even got multiple primary sources proving that these NATO rolling airframe missiles are pulling the numbers stated in docs as their averages, not their peak.

Just hold the L on SA-14 early variant being bad and let these better missiles perform as realistically advertised. BR system will be the balance if the ~3 choppers equipped with SA-14 start getting bullied.


Kremlin does not approve, gulag for you


This is gonna be Abrams DU armour disscussion 2.0. I’m going for popcorn.


With Abrams, at least they tried to look impartial and set some rules. With this, not only they straight up admit they are just making stuff up based on Russian MANPADS, they are breaking the same rules they set up like a week ago with the Abrams devblog (“no Russian sources for Western equipment”). Hell, they even admit Western sources exist, but they ignore them.


Gotta get the presidents signature


the worst part about that discussion is that DU hulls before 2006 are ultra ambiguous, but significantly upgraded composites in every armor package, hulls and turrets, are not. We keep fighting over “DU” when in reality even without it the m1a1+ have 30-40% more weight in the hull composites and increased protection regardless.


This is just poor implementation overall. You shouldn’t be denying other sources because of a presumption from a Russian system. It would be more understandable if, to keep the system relevant, you ignored the 63.66% limitation so it can keep pace with Western MANPADS for balance reasons. Doing it your way is just a blatant disregard to players who find credible sources and I struggle to understand why the developers are so adamant in declining these sources.


Good job soldier, Russia has to keep winning those virtual wars! Honestly at this point is just hard coping that apparently if Russia cant do it, no one else can.

If you set a standard, at least have the decency to follow it.


because a lot of those devs are probs russian enjoyers and dont want to see russia as a nation in game end up as the inferior party or in the potential case (not the top 3 nation)

Like if they want to do this for balancing just come out and say so, but trying to argue “historical” reasons by ignoring blatant sources is now showing clear intent and favouritism, convinced whoever wrote this forgot what was said in the Abrams blog OR this was written before the Abrams blog and both contradict one another when it comes to “we dont accept russian sources for NATO tech”


Gaijin if this is what you call realism I have no words. maybe get someone that’s been to college for 5 seconds so he knows how to site something and the importance of peer reviewed sources.


If i rightly remember wasn’t this dev blog also ment to address the issue where manpads was struggling to lock helicopters and longer ranges. It was potentially a bug


knowing gaijin thats intentional, hence they introduced the new optical tracking feature on the strela/japanese SAM :D so doubt thats a bug