Making the map smaller

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Calm down, take a breath…

(Also known as punctuation is your friend…)

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I’m not in school anymore and if you use punctuation good for you they don’t have to so on that note just because I don’t have any punctuation you can still read it right but alright anyway I want to and you don’t have to insult me like this so whatever

The basic use of punctuation helps understanding. Their use is not limited to school days.
And basically you’re asking us to go the extra mile to understand you while you shy away from any extra effort to use two simple punctuation marks?
And then you take it as an insult when someone points this out to you?

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Making SACLOS spaa not begin tracking for ~500 meters while having the average map size is <2000 meters is fantastic. It really punishes ground players for using SPAA which is the absolute worst way to counter CAS. Hopefully more maps will become like this so people will stop wasting their spawn points on SPAA and grind their air trees so they can spawn camp CAS players.

Do you really need to copy paste the same thing in several threads? Especially inactive ones?

I will post it as many times as I want to until it is fixed because it is BS what they are doing to this game they are ruining it by making the maps smaller if I wanted to play a game with small maps on it I’ll go play World of Tanks and that’s why I quit playing World of Tanks because the maps are too small for Modern armor and if you don’t like my post don’t read them! End of Story

You can take your punctuation and stick it where the sun does not shine, Look I’m 65 years old and I will write the way I want to, with or without punctuation, so you know you don’t have to read it if you don’t like my punctuation!

Yes. I want to post my opinion on threads relevant to the subject.

You don’t need to necro threads in order to state your opinion.

One thread is fine, 3 isn’t.

I need the issue present to be resolved as soon as humanly possible.

Spamming is not how you solve the issue lol.

These forums are designed to take player feedback. I offered my personal feedback on relevant threads regarding a topic I feel strongly about. Whether Gaijin chooses to take that feedback is up to them, not me or you.

The thing is, saying the exact same thing in multiple threads (2 of which were dead, and you necroed) does nothing to contribute to any sort of conversation.

You can offer feedback without spamming it.

You are here having a conversation. That is more than previous activity. Hence the comment.

Funny how you can use perfect punctuation when you’re telling someone off so you don’t look like an idiot. Could just take a minute and just use punctuation anyway.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

The only one whining here is you. Furthermore the only thing thing will happen is that you will permanently banned from the forum.

Devs don’t considered it an issue and also they have stated the best way to get feedback back to them is to limit it to as few threads as possible.

Not true.

It is not my job to restrict feedback. That is also illogical.