Major Update “Sons of Attila” - DEV Server Changelog (05.09.2023)

  • New vehicles may have inaccuracies in characteristics, armor and weaponry settings.
  • The armor model for new ground vehicles is “work in progress” for adjustment and improvement.
  • Some new aircraft lack cockpits.
  • Some ground vehicles lack a visible crew.
  • Wing breaks may not be displayed correctly on some aircraft.
  • Icons for some vehicles may be missing.
  • There may be a lack of localization for some equipment.
  • No sound played on some events.
  • Some aircraft may have inaccuracies in the Damage Model, missing fuel, oil and water leaks, armor materials.
  • The Turan III’s model has some inaccuracies. They will be fixed in a future update.
  • The position in the research trees and the progression parameters of both newly added vehicles and vehicles that are already in the game for a long time may have non-final values. Such parameters include, for example: the amount of Research Points required to research vehicles; the amount of Research Points required to research modifications of vehicles; the Silver Lion cost for purchasing vehicles; the Silver Lion cost for crewing vehicles; the Silver Lion cost for purchasing an Expert Crew; the Silver Lion cost for purchasing modifications; and some others.
  • Super Etendard — missing center bomb pylon, and visually missing countermeasure pod.

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New vehicles


  • F-16C Block 50


  • MiG-29SMT (9-19)

Great Britain

  • Sea Harrier FRS.1 (e)
  • Sea Harrier FRS.1 (Cockpit updated)
  • Spitfire Mk1, Mk2 and Mk5 (Cockpits updated)


  • F-16D Block 40 Barak II


  • AV-8B Plus


  • Super Etendard


  • A32A Röd Adam (Premium)

Ground vehicles

  • Imp.Chaparral


  • Leopard 2 PSO


  • TO-55 (Premium)
  • 2S1

Great Britain

  • Bhishma


  • MBT-2000
  • M41A3


  • Hungary tree:
  • Csaba
  • Turan I
  • Zrinyi II
  • Turan III
  • ZSU-57-2
  • ZSU-23-4
  • 2S1
  • BTR-80A
  • T-72M1
  • Leopard 2A4
  • KF41


  • Leclerc AZUR
  • AMX-10M


  • VIDAR (Pack)
  • Pvkv IV


  • Imp.Chaparral



  • OH-58D


  • Mi-8TB


  • Mi-8TV


  • OH-58D

Naval Fleet


  • USS Arkansas (Pack)
  • USS Texas


  • SMS Nassau (Premium)
  • Drache


  • Marat (Pack)


  • PT-808

New locations and missions

  • Rocky Pillars (for aircraft)
  • Test Site — 2271 (for mixed battles)

Location and mission updates

  • The quality of fences and grill bars on most maps has been significantly improved.

  • The collision models of bamboo and fences on the “Japan” map have been fixed.

  • Map corrections have been made based on your feedback during the Roadmap for the following maps:

    • Poland
    • Karelia
    • American Desert
    • 38th Parallel
    • Normandy
    • Jungle
    • Sinai
  • The collision of assets on maps has been improved.

Aircraft RB and AB

  • New logic has been applied to anti-aircraft guns on the ground. They are now more likely to choose dangerous targets (for example, an aircraft carrying bombs, missiles, or attacking ground targets with machine guns and cannons). Anti-aircraft guns at airfields still fire at all targets without considering their type of danger to the ground.

Enduring Confrontation

  • A bug that caused airfield modules in some situations to be destroyed with fewer explosives than intended has been fixed.
  • The presets for bomber and ground attack aircraft for “Cover” missions have been adjusted. This is so aircraft utilized in the game better match the aircraft used by players.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Mechanics for reloading guns when the loader has lost consciousness when the reload was almost finished have been added.

  • For guns that reload single-piece ammunition, if the reloading progress exceeds 80%, the progress is not reset if the loader loses consciousness, and continues after the loader is replaced. If there are no crew members remaining in a vehicle to replace the loader, then after the loader becomes unconscious, reloading is stopped for 3 seconds and then continues, but then with a penalty to the reloading time.

  • For guns that reload two-piece ammunition, the reloading progress does not reset below 50% if it has already reached or exceeded this number (this is because the projectile is considered to already be loaded). The rest of the behavior (when there is no loader replacement) corresponds to the case of single-piece ammunition loading.

  • Bfw. Jagdpanther G1 — the ball machine gun’s armor has been fixed. (Report)

  • Brummbar — an armor gap between the hull front and upper glacis has been fixed.

  • SANTAL — the driver view being obstructed has been fixed. (Report)

  • ZTZ99-III — the lower plate armor has been fixed. (Report)

  • Strv m/42 EH, Ikv 73 — the position of the gunner’s optics has been corrected. (Report)

  • Centurion Mk.2 — a gap in the armor around the turret ring has been fixed. (Report)

  • M728 CEV — the position of the gunner’s optics has been corrected. (Report)

  • Object 435 — gaps in the armor around the turret ring have been fixed.

  • T-80B — a bug in the roof’s turret armor that caused shrapnel fragments to penetrate has been fixed. (Report)

  • Type 63 — the placements of stored shells have been corrected. (Report)

  • Strf 9040C — the ammunition of the 40 mm gun has been reduced from 234 to 120 shells.

  • T14 — smoke grenade launch has been added. (Report)

  • Object 120 — the placements of the shells have been corrected. (Report)

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:


  • 20 mm HO-5 shell — the explosive content has been increased from 4 grams to 4.53 grams. The explosive type has been changed from PETN to RDX Source: Japanese ammunition leaflets, 1945. Report no. 12-b(56), USSBS Index Section 6.
  • 30 mm XM140 — the amount of explosives has been increased from 27 grams to 30 grams. The explosive type has been changed from “Composition B” to “HMX”. Source: FM1-40 - Helicopter Gunnery - February 1973. TM 9-1385-51 - Ammunition (Conventional) For Explosive Ordnance Disposal - February 1967.
  • Type 23-2K 23 mm — the amount of explosive AX-I-2 in the cartridge has been increased from 11 grams to 16.65 grams.
  • Type 23-3 23 mm — muzzle velocity increased from 700 m/s to 715 m/s. (Report)
  • 20 mm MG C/30L — a bug that caused High-Explosive Incendiary (HEI) filler to be missing from the cartridge has been fixed. (Report)
  • Rb05 — the smoke trail left behind has been made less voluminous and more transparent according to visual references, which will help with aiming.


  • Tornado IDS — a restriction for the combined use of the AS.34 Kormoran missile and 1,000 lb Mk 83 assault bombs has been added.

  • F-14B — a bug where installing 2 x AIM-7M as well as GBU-12 and GBU-10 bombs would cause the AIM-7M model and the pylon for the bombs to intersect has been fixed.

  • Do 335 A-0 — a bug that did not display the correct names for armament has been corrected.

  • Typhoon Mk.Ib, Typhoon Mk.Ib/L — the ammo capacity of the 20 mm Hispano Mk.II cannons has been increased from 560 to 576 rounds. Source: A.P. 1804A Typhoon 1A & 1B - Saber II Engine - Binder 2. Datasheet #280, Hawker Typhoon Aircraft (Type 1A & 1B).

  • Typhoon Mk.Ia — the ammo capacity of the 7.7 mm Browning machine guns has been reduced from 5,840 to 5,680 rounds. Source: A.P. 1804A Typhoon 1A & 1B - Saber II Engine - Binder 2. Datasheet #280, Hawker Typhoon Aircraft (Type 1A & 1B).

  • MiG-17, J-4, MiG-17AS — the name of the modification that makes it possible to install bombs weighing up to 250 KG has been changed from BD-2-48 to D4-50. Source: Temporary instruction for the technical operation and maintenance of the MiG-17 aircraft, 1952.

  • F-4F Early, F-4F (Germany) — a preset with Mk 81 bombs has been added.

  • I-185 (M-71) — ZAB-50 incendiary bombs have been added as an available option.

  • F6F-5 — 1,600 and 2,000 lb bombs have been added as an available option.

  • F6F-5N — a 500 lb bomb has been added as an available option.

  • A129CBT — a bug that made ATGMs to be available even without researching the required modification has been fixed. (Report)

  • A2D-1 — the following bombs under the fuselage have been added as an available option: AN-M65A1 1000 lb bomb, AN-M66A2 2000 lb bomb and AN-M56 4000 lb bomb.

  • Mi-24V, Mi-24P, Mi-24D — a bug that made 4 x GSh-24L cannons available even without researching the required modification has been fixed. (Report)

  • EC-665 Tiger (all verions) — the name of the RWR has been changed from AN/APR-39 to ALR-400. (Report) The name of the LWR has been changed from RALM01 to ALTAS-2Q. (Report)

  • Wasp HAS.Mk.1 — A.S12 missiles have been added as an available option.

  • Mi-24V, Mi-24P, Mi-24P — a bug that caused no display of the Flares/Chaff component when installing the Flares/Chaff modification has been fixed. (Report)

  • MiG-23M, MiG-23MLD — a bug that made it possible to create a custom preset consisting of Kh-23M missiles without the “Delta-NG” targeting pod has been fixed.

  • AJ37, AJS37 — 120 kg assault bombs have been added as an available option.

  • A-4B, A-4E Early, A-6E TRAM, A-7 (all versions), A-10 (all versions), F-4C, F-4E, F-5E, F-8E, F-14A, F-14B and F-16A Block 10 — the Mk 84 air assault bomb has been added as an available option.

  • Su-25T, Su-39 — the R-73 missile has been added as an available option.

  • MiG-15, MiG-15bis — the FAB-250M-46 bomb has been removed. Source: Source: MiG-15bis Aircraft Technical Description. Book Two. Armament.

  • Kurnass 2000 — the number of countermeasures has been increased from 74 to 100. Corrected the camera position of the Pave Spike pod.

  • F-14B — the FOV for the LANTIRN pod has been reduced from 12x-3x to 5.87x-1.65x.

  • Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-28NM, Mi-35M — the cockpits of modern helicopters will now also be equipped with fully functional HUDs similar to what some aircraft already have. The first helicopters to receive the new HUDS are these series of helicopters.

  • Yak-141 — the R-27ET missile has been added as an available option.

  • Tornado IDS ASSTA1 — an issue with the flap animations in takeoff and landing positions has been fixed. (Report)

Suspended weapon customization added to aircraft:

  • Tu-1, F8F-1, F8F-1B, F8F-1B (France), IAR-81C, Re.2005 serie 0, SM.92, Ro.57 Quadriarma, Beaufighter Mk.X, Firebrand TF.Mk.IV, F4U-4, F4U-4B, SAAB B17B, SAAB B17A, SB2C-4, SB2C-5, PBY-5, PBY-5A, Ju 87B-2, Ju 87R-2, Ju 87R-2 Libya, Ju 87R-2 (Italy), Ju 87D-3, Ju 87D-3 (Italy), Ju 87D-5, Sea Hawk FGA.6, Sea Hawk Mk.100, FW 190F-8, FW 190D-9, FW 190D-12, I-185 (М-71), I-185 (М-82), F6F-5, Hellcat Mk.II, F6F-5N, A2D-1, PV-2D, P-47D-22-RE, P-47D-25, P-47D-28, P-47M-1-RE, Thunderbolt Mk.1, P-47D-30, BTD-1

Modification changes

  • FW 190D-9, FW 190D-12 — the SC 250/SC50 and SC 500/SC 50 modifications have been removed. Any Research Points and Golden Eagles that were spent on these modifications have been returned to your account.
  • P-47D-22-RE — the “M8 Launcher” modification has been moved from tier IV to tier I. A 250 lb AN-M57 bomb modification has also been added.
  • A-4E Early (M), A-4E, F-4E Kurnass — the GBU-8/15 modification was replaced by the GBU-8.

Ejection seat system has been added to the following aircraft: F-5 (all versions), Harrier GR.1 / GR.7 and AV-8 (all versions).

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

  • Larger ships starting from frigates have had their propeller shafts separated from the engine rooms (transmissions) into separate modules. The destruction of the shaft leads to a loss of speed, the same that happens with the engine room.
  • All ships that have radars in the game are now configured individually: depending on the model and generation, each radar has its own capabilities. Older radars detect and track targets worse and have more errors than the newer ones. Information about the type and model of each radar has been added to x-ray tooltips.
  • Lorraine — the armor on the deckhouse roof has been decreased from 50 to 40, and the type of steel of the rear part on the main battery turret has been changed from cemented to homogenous.
  • Paris — the armor on the second deck has been increased from 42 to 48, and the type of steel on the rear turret and main caliber barbette has been changed from cemented to homogenous.
  • USS Portland — the armor on the upper belt has been increased from 31.75mm to 38.1mm.
  • IJN Fuso — a single-barrel 25 mm cannon has been added. Two bow 150 mm guns were removed.
  • JDS Yūgure — a bug with the incorrect display of the armor for the MK.37 has been corrected.
  • Poltava, Parizhskaya kommuna — the armor thickness of the front and sides of the turrets has been reduced from 250 to 203.

Naval Visual models and visual parts:

  • Leopard — a bug that caused issues when putting decorations on the stern has been fixed.
  • Le Malin — the attachment point of the bridle to the anchor has been fixed
  • Jeanne d’Arc — corrected the flag position on the flagpole, and corrected the color of the navigation lights.
  • LCM(6) Zippo — the flag animation has been fixed.
  • USS Frank Knox — a bug that caused non-burned areas of textures when applying a custom camouflage has been fixed.
  • USS Gearing — the superstructure display at longer distances has been corrected.
  • Milan — the 13.2 mm machine guns on the bridge have been changed from Hotchkiss to Browning. A bug that caused no display of the anti-aircraft installations on the navigation bridge has been fixed.
  • HMS Colossus — a bug that caused no propeller shafts to display has been fixed.
  • HMS Hood — the color of the underside of the ship has changed from red to gray.
  • IJN Fuso — a bug that caused the low positioning of guns on anti-aircraft mounts has been fixed.
  • IJN Tone — missing crew animations on anti-aircraft guns has been fixed.
  • IJN Ayanami — floating objects that appeared in the collapsed bow have been removed.
  • IJN Mikuma, IJN Suzuya — corrected the behavior of the guns on the second main turret when turning. The guns no longer elevate into the first turret.
  • RN Duilio — the animation of the main caliber gun masks have been fixed. Rangefinders on the lower 135 mm auxiliary turrets have been removed. The location of the display of the main directors have been fixed. Fixed the animation of the 90 mm gun shrouds.
  • MC 485 — the number of fuel tanks and the shape of the captain’s bridge have been fixed.
  • Folaga — the national flag on the ship has been changed from the Royal Italian Navy to the Italian Republic Navy.
  • MBK-161 (late) — an issue causing the misalignment in aiming of the 37 mm autocannon has been fixed.
  • Ya-5M — the size of the ship’s bell on the superstructure has been corrected.
  • Ryany — a bug with the passage of the first bow gun through the limiter has been corrected.
  • Z46 — a bug with floating main caliber gun turrets in the air has been fixed.
  • Z32 — fixed the Flakvierling incorrectly firing from a single barrel on the main superstructure.
  • SGB Grey Fox, SGB Grey Goose — the type of exhaust smoke effect has been changed.


  • Le Orla — a typo in the cailber of the FN MAG machine gun has been corrected.
  • HMS Invincible — the ship number has been added to the name of the ship in the stat card.

Economy and research

  • info3 Dynamic repair costs have been enabled for low lifetime in matches: the shorter the lifetime, the lower the repair cost. The repair cost cannot exceed the maximum repair cost which is displayed on a vehicle’s stat card, and is a fixed repair cost that the vehicle had before the dynamic repair cost mechanic was introduced. If you leave a vehicle by yourself in a match, then the maximum repair cost for that vehicle will be applied, no matter what time you spent in battle with that vehicle.

  • info3 Information about the repair cost of a vehicle depending on its lifespan has been added to the vehicle’s stat card.

  • The progression for Bluewater ships has been revised: VI rank has been added to the research trees, and the positions of a large part of naval vessels at I-V ranks have been changed. At the same time, the progression parameters for naval vessels of II-V ranks of both Bluewater and Coastal fleets have been revised: cost of vehicle Research Points; cost of modification Research Points; cost of vehicle purchase in SL; cost of crewing a vehicle in SL; cost of an Expert Crew; the total costs for modifications purchase in SL.


  • A bug that caused the order of completing ship camouflage tasks to be incorrect has been fixed. The correct order for obtaining ship camouflages is now as follows: first you’ll receive the solid/monochrome color camouflage, and then the spotted deforming camouflage.

  • The “Quadricolor spotted camouflage” has been added to small boats in the German Coastal fleet research tree.

  • Player icons for the Italian and French fleets have been added.

  • New achievements have been added to


  • In the helicopter HUD, the azimuth scale now includes the display of laser designation sources.
  • In the ship Protection Analysis, aircraft have been added as a Threat.
  • Short video animations to illustrate how modifications work have been added to the popup when hovering over a vehicle’s modification.

Game mechanics

  • During Aircraft mini-events in Ground Arcade Battles, escort fighters (fighters from the team whose player initiated the event using a strike or bomber aircraft) are now cancelled if no enemy player joined the mini-event to conduct an interception. Points are not spent when the deployment is cancelled, and can be used after the current mini-event finishes.
  • The ability to accept apologies in return after a team kill incident occurs when the responsible player offered apologies has been added. Accepting apologies can be done easily, and when accepting an apology, all allies are notified in the in-game chat. The forgiven player will not be kicked from the match for the team kill.
  • All external ammunition on vehicles, which include smoke canisters on ground vehicles and bombs on aircraft pylons can now be hit by enemy fire that will cause an effect, whether it be an explosion or the spread of smoke.
  • 3D decorations on vehicles can now be hit and destroyed by enemy fire.


  • The branches and trunks of trees now move and bend according to the same wind force that affects fumes and weather.
  • New effects for the discharge of powder gasses after every shot has been added.
  • Extended bursts of fire using machine guns or cannons now cause the barrel to turn red due the heat caused.
  • The visual effects of hits on enemy vehicles and explosions have been improved.
  • The visual effects of detonating smoke ammo has been improved.


  • Helicopters have now been given a variety of engine and rotor sounds. Unique sounds have been created for the Eurocopter Tiger, UH-1 (AH-1), Bo-105, Sa-313, and Mi-4. New sounds were also added for the AH-64, Mi-24 (Mi-28) and Z-19. The new Mi-8TV and OH-58D helicopters have also received their own sounds. Helicopters that have a fenestron (such as the Z-19, Z-9W, and Sa-341f) have also received their own unique sounds.
  • The sounds of engines and tracks of ground vehicle white noise has been reduced. This means that the sound of your own engine will be distinguishable at a good auditory level without interfering with the hearing of the surrounding environment. Engine RPM sounds have also been made better. Additionally, enemy engine sounds and tracks have been made more distinct, since their sounds somewhat “smeared” the sense of direction across the environment.
  • The sounds of engines and tracks of enemy and allied ground vehicles are now divided into separate groups. Previously, enemy and allied ground vehicles sounded exactly the same, but now the control of enemy and allied vehicle sounds is independent, giving you the ability to increase the sound of enemy vehicles.
  • The German voice acting of crews in ground vehicles has been updated and the text has been corrected.
  • U.S. Naval vessel crews have been given a unique voiceover, which is different to a British Naval vessel crew.
  • Some aircraft now have speech informants (Rita and Betty). Rita is available for the Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-24V, Mi-24P (except the German version), Mi-28 (except the Swedish version), and the MiG-29 (except the German version). Betty is available for the F-16 and AH-64D.
  • RWR and voice informers now have a separate volume slider in the sound settings menu.
  • Damage to aircraft from nearby shell bursts with proximity fuses is now audibly represented. Additionally, close-range bursts are now more audible from the cockpit.
  • The sound of enemy and allied jet engines when having the sonic boom effect enabled in the settings has been fixed.

Wait, China gets the M41a3 but it’s still not in the US tree?


Good evening,
Why am I only Level 2 on dev server? I am Level 100 on the main live server
Looks like i will not be able to play on this dev server :(

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It’s your first time on Dev Server? If so, you will need to wait until data sync between servers :(

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Have we more informations about the Super Étendard?

Streams (both russian and english ones) are going so fast (russian) to not even showing it(english one) that having information about the aircrafts then trying to Bug-report it early is IMPOSSIBLE,…

Streams really SHOULD take more times to VEHICULES, instead of Cosmetics that most people don’t care,…


The super etendard isn’t on the dev server, and a side effect of this is that the Jaguar A is missing too lol

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Didn’t realize it before but earlier vehicle grouping that made very little sense both br wise and vehicle type wise was in fact in order just based more on arcade brs of all vehicles rather than realistic. Which I don’t think I and many players agree with. Arcade brs aren’t often changed and are all over the place and grouping tech trees not based on realistic battle ratings seems wrong to me. I assume its mostly based on arcade brs due to aracde br making the new changed tree be actually in br order from lowest to highest in most cases unlike the realistic battle ratings.

While ability to skip more planes is a positive change and also reduces overall cost of research greatly. Using arcade battle ratings for rank and tech tree position changes doesn’t suit that.
It leads to for example US middle air tech tree line for realistic battles rating being very much not in order br from lowest to highest and not allowing for really logical progression. There’s a lot more examples of that in other trees due to arcade brs being sometimes very off for some vehicles (especially planes). I think using mainly arcade brs for tech tree positioning doesn’t accomplish the goal of making progression more logical.
In fact it can lead to worse progression than currently due to large amount of player base using realistic modes and arcade brs being very outdated. I hope its being looked into.


Well it have been shown in Russian Devstream but see how interested is Gaijin in French stuff,… it’s always coming in some sort of WIP stuff,… Gimped stuff/Nerfed Stuff,…

(It’s still better than Japan,… but the differences is that Japan have nothing to be added Right now, excepting maybe the Mitsubishi F-2 which should be added soon, since F-16C is Blk 50,…)

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dev server just crashes on linux without getting into the game


When new vehicles added on devserv will be available for test drive without prerequis?

Why did the Ju87 R2 need a custom loadout??? It has just one slot


No, but yes. It’s the first time on my new PC. On my old PC i played on some dev server and was Level 100 there.
When will the next data sync be?

the research speed in the dev server is the same of the live one…I think there might be a bug

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Because it’s easy to do ^^"

My two biggest gripes with this update are the fact that the F-16C Block 50 is so gimped and the PUMA does not get Spikes.

With the F-16C, it should receive two things:
1.) 120 countermeasures or some BOL pods to add onto them
2.) AIM-9Ms in response to the MiG-29SMT getting R-73s and R-27ETs

The PUMA should receive its Spikes this update. We have seen the Freccia and now the Lynx come to the game while the PUMA gets nothing. I have no issue with Germany not getting the Lynx, but as consolation the PUMA should receive Spikes and move up in BR.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the current iteration of the MiG-29SMT should go up to 12.3. If the F-16C gets its AIM-9Ms and extra countermeasures it should also go up to 12.3.


Is this ASB Too?

why is the sea harrier frs1e just worse then the squadron one?, like i get its the early version but why couldn’t it at least have the same payloads, feels bad

need added the speak ai to all the jet best you can plz?

So people still buy the SQV