Major Update "Sons of Attila" - Changelog

You missspelled the R-27ET in the Description, you said R-27ER instead now its easy to mix these to up.

Changelog reads super nice good Job ♥

Was the increase in RP required for Ace mentioned anywhere? It used to be 1280K RP before the update for the F-16A ADF (USA) and now it’s 1350K.

Still a shame britain got no new vehicles this update, but glad the FRS1 finally got finished. Means i can hide from EC9 being unplayable by playing EC8. Though shame you never did a post on how you incorporated 12.3 in EC.

im spamming the update search rn

@Stona_WT When do we can expect implementation of HUDs (HMD) and Voice warnings to other helicopters who has those features like AH-1Z?

lol i was hoping for a decrease as well

I don’t think it’s because it’s foldered now, the M2K-5F got the same increase

Hey this looks really neat :)

Edit: I mean really. Such a cool visual change =O

I am not a regular at premium vehicles, but today I entered the store and is it possible that the price of the vehicles has increased by 5 euros? or is it my imagination?

Why did you nerf the MiG29A (at least the 9-13, did not test the 9-12 yet) low speed performance to the ground? At min fuel and sea level it used to be able to rate at about 20.5 degrees/second at around 450kph IAS with mouse aim (basically just pulling with the mouse), while with sim controls at the optimal 670kph IAS you could reach 22.5 degrees/second as manual.
Now you can barely get 19.3 degrees/second with moue aim while I could still get about 22 degrees/second with sim controls.
It also feels a lot more sluggish in general at low speed.

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Still no response if the Strela-10M2 will get its 2nd band seeker, since the Chaparral has a UV modeled.

“The sounds of engines and tracks of enemy and allied ground vehicles are now divided into separate groups. Previously, enemy and allied ground vehicles sounded exactly the same, but now the control of enemy and allied vehicle sounds is independent, giving you the ability to increase the sound of enemy vehicles.”
This is missing completly. It’s still just “My Engine” and “Other Engines”

Heli reduction RP are a joke - 10-20k only? why is the BO-105 380 k when the top heli UHT is 400k ? some even got a increase like the MI28N - 10k more… what is this? Yes, now you can research helis in GB but that is not something to praise considering the 2 HELI modes you failed to make them work as they should( Heli PVP and now Heli PVE) both of them were/are a disaster.

O.K.- if I -,as I do till now, try to keep my Tank alive as long as possible I will be rewarded by higher Repair costs- interesting pov Gaijin- so now i will spawn and rush into the enemy fire to get killed asap
Nice New Feature-please more to make the decision easier to quit the game asap

how difficult is it to implement rp bonuses for skill seems like a bad joke.

Naval rework is just a nice name for saying that the few usable battleships are now 200% more expensive to research.

After giving everyone gen4 now only a few select get gen4 and good weaponry

Wow, the Stat card for the StuG III Ausf. A and F were changed for 30mm hull armor, but not the statcard was wrong, the hull armor of 30mm was wrong. // Issues

and the Pz III B-J still have slower turret traverse speed than the other Pz IIIs and the Pz IV even tho they have smaller turret rings, 1 ton ligher turret and faster gear ratio on the traverse.

The Brits completely neglected again.


Screenshot 2023-09-19 151800

Can this be reverted or at least an option to toggle it off please. I really dont need to know both the weapon type and the name of the weapon in the interface. it just clogs up the display


Oh boy. Another one of those changes: We had additional symbols for NVD and sensors added unwantedly in a recent patch, which clog up especially the cockpit view (especially especially annoying if you fly with VR equipment as the symbols are on a different focus level than the cockpit)., now another change that clogs up the view even more?

I’d really dream about a way to much more customize what we want to have displayed and how!