Major Update “Seek & Destroy” — DEV Server Changelog (11.06.2024)

Good luck to stock players at top tier. I wonder how painful it be to to play in BVR environment with two IR missiles without chaff.


It might be a disaster for whoever doesn’t adapt to not being invulnerable anymore, by flying head-on merging with the entire enemy team like they currently do. (despite MP being 50M now, not removed)

I also don’t see the new Fox 3’s being spammed out like F14’s are with Phoenixes, partly due to the fact that the Fox 3’s are very easy to defend, especially at longer distances, but also due to this:

People will only be able to guide 1-2 of the new Fox 3’s missiles at a time, with far less range than AIM54. This will significantly reduce the amount of missiles in the air. Like I mentioned before, due to them being far easier to defend, people will also hold on to their missiles for longer, people who take-off, climb and fire them all off will quickly come to find that they’re just wasting their missiles.

I do agree that I wish they came up with a better solution for the 16v16 issue, but it’s no reason to give everyone invulnerability on demand.


pretty much all of them have been bug reported and accepted as guiding up to 4, so we shall see :shrug:


This levels the playing field in my opinion. tornado F3 being expected to dogfight F16s and co because it’s primary weapon was disabled by the target flying low was rather stupid.

This means that primarily BVR aircraft will actually have an advantage over the WVR aircraft


The recent dev server has the F-16 A MLU ROCAF with 60 countermeasures when it’s supposed to have 120 is this a bug/mistake?

Or F-16A MLU from china tech tree it might be F-16A Block 20 early with Air-to-Air armament 97’s before LANTIRN (AN/AAQ-14 Sharpshooter Targeting Pod & AN/AAQ-20 Pathfinder Navigation Pod), AGM-65G-2 Maverick and AIM-120C (AIM-120C-5 & AIM-120C-7) capability ?

Early or late it should have 120 countermeasures either way.

60 countermeasures it’s low for 4th gen fighter aircraft 12.3

But F-16A MLU in china tech tree limited SARH MRAAM only. and before LANTIRN (AN/AAQ-14 Sharpshooter Targeting Pod & AN/AAQ-20 Pathfinder Navigation Pod), AGM-65G-2 Maverick and AIM-120C (AIM-120C-5 & AIM-120C-7) capability

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Chinese Blk 20 only has 3 dispensers with 30 CM each tho

It has 4 irl. In the same configuration as the F-16C.

if so then ye

There certainly is something wrong with HEAT rounds.


It’s been two years since this bug report was made, eight months since it was acknowledged… and yet, nothing has been done.

With Namer coming, can we expect from it and Merkava Mk.4 to get better armor than a Leopard 2A4 from 1979?

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Is known if the “spall liners” on ariete turret cheeks are still work in progress?

I know that.
This report is now 9 month old, not to mention the same one i did on the old forum years ago.
And still in game the wrong 20 and 65mm armor of Pz III and Pz IV for the Hull Mg ball. While it should be 100mm+

Would be appreciated to have some clarity on this from gaijin @Smin1080p


Most likely so gaijin can add a different f16a MLU aka just a later variant that has aim120s and possibly aim9ms or some other upgraded fox 2. this would make more sense instead of completely changing something that is perfect at 12.0 and making 13.0, this could also be another vehicle they add before they added a completely different vehicle after the MLU making it longer of a grind to get

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Smin is away on vacation, maybe ping another mod.

I don’t think its worth starting another topic, but can an option be added to not automatically level the plane when you use the missile tracking camera?

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But Taiwan never used AIM-9L, They have only 9P4 and 9M
Also it still haven’t received its A2G weapons and pod