Major Update “Seek & Destroy” — DEV Server Changelog (11.06.2024)

Yak-141 with R-73s would be 12.3.
R-77s would be 12.7 at best.
Yak-141 is best at 12.0 though, and Mig-29K should come in with R-77s and R-73s instead.
Gripens already exist for Sweden ARHs.
Ja-37D is stronger at 11.3 and doesn’t need to be nerfed with ARHs.

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Sorry if late, but F-15J Kai is an unofficial name for F-15Js that were modernized in the early 2000s, equivalent to the F-15C MSIP II. The upgrade didn’t get a proper name, hence the unofficial name of F-15J Kai


I also want to talk about the new modules and internal modelling for a second:

This is absolutely amazing, definitely one of the primary highlights of the update for me.

It takes War Thunder’s mechanics and damage models to the next level in terms of realism and accuracy, as well as gameplay diversity and dynamism!


@aDSD 🙏


In game the AV8B+ can only Carry the Aim120 on the mid pilons while irl It can Carry them on internal pilons too


CM Covert Disclosures: What We’re Up To & News

Another one is correcting the PLZ83-130 and PLZ-83’s incorrect visual tracks (they’ve got the wrong ones currently),

The track issue of plz83 and plz83 130 mentioned in the previous announcement has not been fixed in this development server, can it be fixed before the official update?

Incorrect track model of PLZ83


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Stop reducing map sizes, removing verticality and simply making the maps less,just less.

In a years time it seems all maps are be flat gray box meshes.


Doesnt really mean much.
Still can be ignored or resumed as not a bug.

LOL, there is still no options for removing the chair and crates on the M1A1 HC click bait, like how you remove the camo for M1KVT, @Stona_WT will there be such an option? Cuz its the only thing stopping me buying the Click Bait

The AV-8B is also still entirely missing outrigger pylons which are wired for AIM-9s and AGM-122s…


Please add drop tanks for the Mirage 3 and the Shahak, they get max fuel of like 25 minutes, you already have the model for it just implement it

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The AV8B isn’t allowed to use those pylons as it would cause damage

The manual says this man stop yapping about it


yeah I tried to do a report about that but it was closed.

Since you’re the one making a claim it would cause damage, either prove it or stop “yapping”. Altough that doesn’t even make a difference because this isn’t even applicable to the game, since many aircraft already have such real life limits ignored.

AV-8Bs are wired for outrigger pylons and should get them, especially since the Harrier FA.2 just got a bug report approved on a “Twin Store Carrier” which wasn’t used operationally, but was capable of using, same as the AV-8B with outriggers.

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eh I like it more now tbh. maybe B is a bit too open but other than that its great

We are getting tires destruction mechanic but still no proper EBR mobility mechanic for its inner metal wheels after all that time.
anyway enjoy biblically accurate EBR


Not in the patch notes, ships now have an awesome WIP crew heatmap. Credit to Rowan’s stream for new ship stuff, which is still ongoing.


Any bomber aircraft coming to the game that are new? Washington B Mk.1 or some early cold war jet bombers?

wait so the SAM system looking stuff is just some visual fancies for some bigger maps that doesn’t do anything and there is no actual change for sim to make it more fun and engaging like actual missions? wow

devs please read this forum and take SOME things into account if not for this update for future us sim players are dying here


Alvis back at it again with the worst ideas possible.