Major Update “Alpha Strike” — DEV Server Changelog (01.03.2024)

The Fox-3s are absolutely amazing to use! Bravo gaijin

Look at the update notes, we’re getting flaps that will automatically retract when approaching destruction speeds like they do/did irl


Hope the AH-1Z Viper also get a nice cockpit and HUD… i love it on the AH-64D !
PS: and also the other AH-64 models…Saraph, Mk1…

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Oh so beatifull, 20°/sec for Pz III B finally, after all these years. So Beautifull, i am so happy.
Tho why only 12°/sec for Pz III Ausf. E-J instead of 14°/sec?

Other planes will also get new Maverics? Like Harrier Gr.7.

Nice, I just finished reading through it entirely and I’m seeing a lot of nice things


Don’t let any of this distract you from the fact Puma’s gun-handling w nerfed, but nothing has been done about the underperforming armour.


I think the same also applies to the D-12, D-9, and D-13; all of the 190s with four 50kg bombs on the wings - I was just curious because it’s an unusual drop order.

Important correction here (and will need to submit a bug report if it doesn’t get fixed), priorities should be:

  1. Pulse Doppler forward angle (PD HDN, HPRF, strongest lock and best range, but worse notch angles)
  2. Pulse Doppler all-angles (PD, MPRF, second strongest lock and second best range, but much smaller notch angles)
  3. Pulse
  4. Switching to OLS (not actually sure what this is?)

Tracking radar should be using the strongest lock with the best range, which indicates 1 and 2 have priorities flipped. There isnt any situations where switching from MPRF to HPRF due to an impending loss of a lock would be beneficial, as that would mean the target is approaching the MPRF notch, and the HPRF would perform WORSE, not better. This might actually make it borderline impossible for tracking radars in-game to use their HPRF mode.


Where is the spike for saraph? And also why peten and saraph lacks updated cockpit? Yet there are plenty of bug reports about spall liners but none of them hasn’t implemented.


wtf, reverse speed like T-64B?
if it have maneuverability same as T-80B, it should be kept at 11.0, but it actually like T-64B so that it approriately pointed at 10.0 identic T-72AV

Also while the AH-60 is sitting at what, 10.7 currently, the UHT is at 11.7 with half the missiles and no gun


Yea, UHT really should just go down in BR lmao.

IRL just has the “powerpack” inherited from T-64B to fit into T-80U hull.
But still a little bit better then T-72B 1989 though, i still prefer T-72B K1 down to 9.7 and keep the 1989 version with K5 at 10.0.

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Could someone tell me what the CN AH-1W loadout is

It never will, given its a German heli and therefore forgotten to time

Lack of protection remodeling for the Ariete tanks will see them continue to suffer in the upper battle ratings. This was promised after Air Superiority and there is still radio silence.



Its missing Aim-9M and Hellfire K, hopefully not finished yet

Holy 20mm