Machbet - Fire Control System and missile launcher

I have been looking around trying to find more information, but the only solid pieces of information come from the manufacturer’s website.

I am trying to find out more about the FCS used on the Machbet, which seems to be called “Eagle Eye”. What kind of IRST tracker is it using? I’d like to see if it’s actually better than the GEN 1 thermals in game.

Also, the missile launcher is capable of being adapted to at least 3 other types of missiles, which can be an interesting feature to implement (although balancing might be a bit of a problem). Other sources state that the Machbet is able to carry a total of 8 missiles, 4 in the launcher and 4 in the vehicles. Is there any other sources to back that up?

Thank you to anyone who can help, I can’t really find out much else on the topic.



Easy missile would require an entirely new launcher, it’s not a case of simply dropping different MANPADs in and expecting them to work. They wouldn’t even fit for one thing.

Well, that’s true. They all have different diameters (just to name a difference).
But what about the number carried inside the M113 chassis? There seems to be enough space for spare missilies, although I am still looking for sources.

If any of the mods could close this thread, I have made a new and updated one here: Machbet - Eagle-Eye Optronic FCS and its implementation in War Thunder