M3A4 bradley


It should be 10.7 and 10.3. This wasn’t really necessary.


I know it’s the most modern Bradley but in game it wont offer much over the M3A3

ok fine but if i make new suggestion about the same thing they might take this one down


M3A4 Bradley
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what Br you want to see this in?
  • 10.7
  • 10.3
  • 11.0
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What rank do you want to see this in?
  • Rank 7
  • Rank 8
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ill put in a new suggestion but probably gonna have to delete this one for that one to get passed.

yah it got denied so should i delete this suggestion?

You can’t really delete anything yourself. If you have questions or concerns about suggestions, contact a Suggestion Moderator via PM.

I like it

The ERA on the Bradley is the same type as the TUSK I on the M1A2 SEP.

We share the same starter pic lol. Pretty sure the photo is of the M2A4 but they’re practically the same anyways.

i guess it’s equiped with trophy system

its a good picture

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Yeah but you keep getting best light tank event vehicles and cool prototypes. Also M10 booker is gonna get added eventually and thats def gonna be TT

so you saying the m3a4 bradley should be and event vehicle??

All the photos are of the M2A4, I’m unsure if even a single M3A4 has been upgraded yet as BAE is still upgrading M2 variants to M2A4’s

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Personally 11.3 is too high for it.

It’d be 10.3-10.7 material at most imho.

well see how it turns out and where they put it

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Why is the minimum BR for the poll 11.3? If the 2S38 and BMP-2M can be 10.0 there is no reason that this can’t be 10.0…


Yeah this vehicle is 10.3 material with BRAT. If it ends up like the M2A4 variant with BRAT and Iron-Fist APS, it could be 10.7.

Turms is 10.0 with ERA. The 2S38 has structural steel which functionally is ERA against HEAT-FS. ERA does not add anything to a BR dominated by APFSDS, especially on the Bradley which sucks in game already. The Bradley also does not get fire-on-the move missiles and has a long deployment time, which makes it less effective than the BMP-2M at 10.0. I would say this is 9.7-10.0. Maybe 10.3 if they add an APS.

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