M39 cannons are absolute L tier guns, they should be buffed to compensate with the carriers' relative lack of armament

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Just use the AP+HE belt and not pute HE. Works wonders.

Isn’t the M39 like a downsized ADEN? I only find the guns work well, I play the JA37 and J35D, and they usually reliably break wings.

It’s a 20mm Revoler cannon. The ADEN 30mm.
It uses the same ammo as the M61 Vulcan.

So what works for the M61 should work for the M39.

Yeah, because it’s US military standard 20mm munitions. It’s a similar design to the ADEN, chambered in 20mm instead of 30mm. The ADEN is a revolving cannon too, that’s how it load and separates the belt links.