M1A2 SEP V2 TUSK II: American Cataphract

No one is arguing - we are expanding each other’s knowledge :)

More like the fact that the M1 has evolved into a counter-insurgency role. ARAT protects against RPGs, CROWS keeps the commander safe inside the tank rather than exposed outside of it, TUSK literally stands for Tank Urban Survival Kit.

Also the Abrams in-game is very old. The base SEPv2 is from like 2007, the TUSK package is only like a year newer.

For reference:


Isreal - Merkava Mk.4M (2017 including TROPHY APS)

Sweden - STRV 122B+ (2011, as prototype not production model)

France - Leclerc Azur (2006+? Hard to find info)

Italy - Ariete AMV (Prototype, not yet in service?)

China - VT-4A1 (2022)

Japan - Type 10 (2012)

Britain - Challenger 3 TD (Not yet produced, announced 2020)

Russia - T-90M (Literally called OBR.2019)

Germany - Leopard 2A7V (2021)

The US literally has either the oldest or second-oldest MBT in the game. So I guess the American taxpayer was spending money on a tank so good that Gaijin considers it to be competitive with tanks upwards of 20 years newer than it.

And it must be competitive with these tanks because it’s not like Gaijin has been pushing to make this tank better. It has been fitted IRL with Trophy APS (not present in-game). Also, there’s the entire M1A2 SEPv3 which is much more in line with every other MBT in the game date-wise.

And none of that is even getting into the DU armor ‘debate’. Makes sense they called it the “American Cataphract” since it’s ancient compared to its competitors.


The Abrams never “evolved” into a counter insurgency vehicle. It got upgrades to help it fight in such situations, upgrades that went to every other nation also involved in peacekeeping operations since 2001. The Germans, Israelis, Italians French and Brits also applied ERA, Counter-IED jammers and RWS to their vehicles, does that mean they evolved into counter insurgency vehicles? No.

It’s still a tank designed for peer warfare, as it was intended to do so in the mid 1970s


@Stona_WT Will we ever be able to take the TUSK II off of this tank and make it a modification as it is not a SEPv2 upgrade but a Urban Survival Kit meant for certain situations.


I have it on good authority that the sep v3 and v4 are identical to the sep v2 just heavier.

From my understanding v3 has better armor than v2 and v4 is similar to v3

-Gaijin, 2024 (colorized)


I’m just predicting since no armor change btwn sep and v2.

There is proof that their are some armor upgrades from the A2 to the SEP and from SEP to V2 but gaijin wants more evidence which is hard to come up with since it is classified, but the V3 there is photo proof and docs that show better armor (at least for the hull).

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They use common sense on a lot of other vehicles.

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Could the ARAT get more than 30mm KE combined?

Dont know if all the features are added to the rws station in-game, but this might be interesting. As these features have some functions

The remote controlled weaponstation are the Kongsberg Protector RWS RS4

here are some of its key features
• Accurate and reliable
• 4 Axis Fully stabilized (Point and Vector Stabilization)
• Automatic Tilt and Cant compensation
• Lock-on-target/Target tracking
• Automatic Lead Angle Correction

It can also support aps systems on the vehicles with the system added

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The Dev server had up to 250-500 ke protection for both the Abram’s and the chally but they reverted that change for some reason. That would be a nice little buff for the Abram’s.

500mm CE, yet the ASPRO on the CR2 TES was supposed to have 1200mm and around 84mm KE

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Looks like USSR win rate is recovering, and USA is going down. Cough…gaijin cough


Funny they say USA winrates are bad because of clickbait, but clickbait has highest winrate of usa mbt’s.

it’s very rare to see a clickbait in top tier rb, they’re just coping or they mention the reload buff like everyone got a million sl, 1200 ge, to spend it on reload but still u gonna die easily by leopard 2k or even a tiger.

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