M1A1 ClickBait

Hello everyone.

In the dev blog it was written that the M1A1 HC “Click-Bait” will have the depleted uranium armor. Unfortunately he doesn’t have it. I really hope that it will be changed. Otherwise, your dev blog about this vehicle is unfortunately really “clickbait”!

I also noticed that the M1A1 HC “Click-Bait” unfortunately only has really bad thermal optics. I think for a €70 premium it’s really too bad for the money. The M1A1 AIM on the same BR has much better thermal optics.

I hope the vehicle will be reworked a little!

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The exact same tank is the M1A1HC which unfortunatly only has gen 1 gunner thermals

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It does have DU armour inserts, same as the M1A1HC in the tree. Its just the x-ray tooltip bundles it as part of the NERA.

That’s how the M1A1HC was historically, its perfectly fine with gen 1 thermals.

There’s nothing that needs reworking.