Lower the combat rating of Leopard 2A5, 2A6, 2PSO tanks to 11.3 and 2PL to 10.7 .FlaRakRad on 10.7-11.3

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Tanks do not match their combat rating!

And here’s why (2А5, 2А6, 2PSO):

  • Unlike all top-end main battle tanks, there is no high-quality thermal imager
Differences in thermal imagers

Vehicle Thermals – Thunder View

  • In comparison with 11.7 Strv 122 has no reservation in the case. He easily breaks through (into the hull) with shells starting from 8.7-9.7

  • Mobility and acceleration are much worse than all the tops of the game (except for the British tops, but they are an exception with their strange tank construction)

About the Leopard 2PL combat rating:

  • In fact, the tank with the equivalents of the hull armor from 2A4 with 10.0 should be 11.3 now. His well-deserved 10.7 for a better thermal imager, but it’s still heavier than 2A4. The tower armor is not level 2A5, A6, PSO, there are large vulnerable areas in the gunner’s sights.

FlaRakRad is generally the most broken anti-aircraft gun of the game (like FlaRakPz 1):

  • The worst anti-aircraft gun of the game due to 1) Reloading with a bug or feature), 2) Missiles with “50G” fake can not shoot down maneuvering targets even at 8km. 3) useless at a distance of 1-3km. 4) Poor radar (only 20 degrees of vertical scanning). From this we get a poor quality thermal imager and longer detection of small aircraft outside the scanning area radar or detection of helicopters between trees.

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Abrams SEP 24.4 hp/t
Leo2A6 25.04 hp/t
BVM 27.17 hp/t
WZ1001 27.27 hp/t
Ariete AMV 27.77
Leclerc SXXI 26.2
Type 10 27.23
Merkava Mk.4M 22.9
So five top tier tanks have better mobility and 4 have worse. That means, you are wrong.


You can’t simply use P/W ratios to display mobility. There is a lot more going on than that.


2 PSO (24,6), and it is served here as a top branch of development

Quite enough. Yeah, there are some other things, but p/w is enough to show, that Leo2A6 (and other Leos) arent the slowest ones.

It isnt top vehicle in TT. And even with with PSO ratio remains the same. Leo2 by all means not the slowest one

But with 11.3 tanks
Т80U,T80UK 27,1

If a thermal imager of the level of all the OBT of the game and an overlay on the VLD appear, then I will agree to 11.7

Okay, and? Now here comes ordinary Ariete with 24.1 and PSO with 24.5, M1A1HC with 24.8 and some other machines. It still shows, that Leos arent slow by any mean.

Well, you can agree or not, but Leo2A6 and A5 belongs to 11.7.


Having an inflated br in this state.

the leo 2a6 keeps being one of the best 11.7

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Funny statement

certanly better than the ariete, challenger or the leclerc, it is far from being the worst


mate, don’t wanna be rude, i’m a German Main but the things u wrote are redicolous


That’s all good but you somehow forgot those tanks have gun handling of a 9.0 tank.

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Leclerc is better for their TTX (thermal imager, automatic loader and other advantages), well, there are x4 of them leclerc

worse round, just 3 crew and worse armour…


I don’t think its worth the energy to argue with this person. They are either baiting or they completely lost the plot.