Looking to join a clan

Hey there,

I’m looking to join up with a clan, I’m 27, from Hungary speaking fluent English. I overwhelmingly play GRB between 3.7 and 7.7.

I do appreciate a bunch of memers.


If you’re looking for a Squadron to join still, -W1LD- The Wild Stallions is a small squadron trying to build up. My goal as 2nd in command is to actually hold fun events and rewards once we get to a certain size. The squadron was made back in 2015 but we have come back and trying to build it up. We Play ARB & GRB and also trying to start Squadron battles as well. We aren’t a try-hard and aren’t serious as we try to have fun and enjoy the game! If you would like to join, you can send a request and I’ll happy invite you. If you want to test the waters and join us before making a choice and play a few battles with us, you can join us at our Discord, Red Leg Bash Bros

Hi there!

If you’re still looking for a squadron to join, why not give [INEF] a try?

While we may not be a large squadron yet, we still pack a punch when it comes to battlefield performance. Any nation/BR combination is welcome.

And yes, we do enjoy the maymays (kekw)

Here’s a link to our recruitment post: