Looking for Squadron

Type of squadron you’re looking for: Casual - however would explore competitive.

Modes you play: ARB, GRB, Naval/Coastal AB

Type of vehicles you like playing the most: All

Preferred nations: Germany/USA - open to others

Preferred game servers: NA

Your age: 54

Preferred language: English

Preferred controller type: Currently Controller - however have warthog hostas/likely to switch to PC SOON.

Timezone: MST 8PM -2AM Most days - 24 hours on Wednesday/ Sunday.

Preferred communication platform: Discord

Other notes: Level 50, 430+ hours currently- horribly addicted to War Thunder- Passion for Victory!

The 2nd Pacific Squadron is an active squadron.
We have a DIscord that has 5 - 20 active voice users, and more active text users.
We accept everyone, many of us play all game modes.
We have people from North America and Europe alike online throughout the day each day.

A Discord link is on our squadron page:

OTG- Old Tank Guys

War Thunder gameplay without the kids

Pair/squad up with other older folk and enjoy game play that
ranges from “just fun” to coordinated team tactics.

Watch our promo/ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4ueBgKyox4

Link to discord and other stuff: http://otg.webcoservices.com/

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