Lockheed F-35 A/B/C

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no because snail will then have to add su57 with paper wunderwaffe

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Such a high quality post! 12.7 is also such a fair and balanced and realistic BR!


Totally, it’s not like their is a section on the forums dedicated to making such post where they will actually be taken seriously and not forgotten about that involves the author to actually think and talk about that thing

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more like 13.7 but sure some time in the future

i dont think stealth should be added for a while.

One all the tech is classified and knowing the community someones going to leak something.

Two due to the classified documents stealth isnt going to work like you want it too in game and will have never ending posts about broken stealth tech more russian bias posts and honestly we really dont need more of those.

Three i think we need better matches with more objectives with higher BR’s getting bigger maps.


J-20 would be better as “balance” - there’s a couple of hundred of them in service, unlike the Su-57…

The F18 is not a stealth jet btw


Well as everything is classified may be we can have some fantasy on those aircraft and have a separate game mode called "air realistic but not actual real " we can just assume the data on it and just make it looks like the aircraft but not really it is. For example something what DCS is doing from along time ago, it could bypass the classified things and have some balance fight.

I love ur profile icon btw

Not at any point did i say anything about the f/A-18… The title to the thread is the f-35. I dont even understand why you would bring up the f/A-18