Leopard Bofors

I think the Leopard Bofors is a very strange addition. I understand the necessity but I feel like it doesn’t have a place. It seems like its supposed to be a counterpart to the AMX-13 DCA 40, but the Leopard chassis just doesn’t fit at all. In my opinion, it does not belong at the low BR it is at, or even in the game at all.

Why add this Leopard AA when the Hungarian tree was recently added and missing one of the vehicles it should’ve had from the start?

40M Nimrod

Another mid-tier AA using the Bofors was that proposed conversion of the M42 Duster, again with an L-70 but also with radar.


It would’ve made much more sense if gaijin added the leopard bofors at 8.0-9.0 with HE-VT since italy only has very short ranged SPAA (Sidam and ZSU-23-4) and can’t effectively counter helicopters


I still think even in this instance the Breda M42 with L/70 and radar would’ve been better for that role.

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Breda would be at a much higher BR while this would be in a similar state to the WZ305, 8.0 or 8.3 with no radar but can regardless deal with air targets very effectively

Wait don’t we have this in the Swedish tree already? It looks extremely similar

This is because the Hungarian version is based on the Swedish one. Sweden exported it to them.


HE-VT wouldn’t put its BR that high.

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7.7 would be ideal since it is a complete open top with only a single gun making it easy to strafe and kill

Leopard bofors is 5.x / rank IV material. None of the vehicles you mentioned answer that need.

But the duster conversion at 7.7 would be cool


Tbh a Leopard platform at such a low BR is just. Unsightly. And besides they could totally uptier the R3 and give it back the stabilizer they removed years ago and it would be fine for 5.x/6.x

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Not to mention how broken the Leopard’s armor at this br is
Ignoring the fact that you can just MG the crew, seeing how the hull ufp can just tank 85mm shells is criminal

Nimrod will be at lower br, before M42 Contraereo. It’s a bit better than L-62, but not that much.

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your forgetting all but 1 crew member is in the turret and you can machine gun them all from the front

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thats what i said

i replied to the wrong message

Why add it? Because this is a highly requested vehicle for many years that the Italian community has been asking for to be added in the Italian tree, which is known for lacking a multitude of anti-air vehicles. Of course it has a place in game and its actually surpising it wasn’t added sooner. The nimrod is not on the same level, they’re completely different vehicles for different battle ratings.

This is not mid-tier level… and its not just an ‘‘L-70’’ this Italian proposed upgrade used the fast forty bofors variant made by Italy, which had several improvements over any regular bofors. It had search and tracking radar and also APFSDS, so mentioning this serves no purpose when the Leopard Bofors would clearly cover a different battle rating gap. Its also confusing to me that in your opinion the Leopard bofors shouldn’t have a place in game, a vehicle which was made and tested extensively and here you are proposing an unfinished prototype, why do you deem one ok and the other not? I myself am happy to see the Leopard bofors finally added, the Breda M42 upgrade is a very controversial pick and even if i wouldn’t mind seeing it your argument doesn’t exactly make sense.


I don’t think anyone is suggesting it shouldn’t be added, but that fact that it’s a Leopard at 4.3 is very jarring and immersion breaking.


If you still care about immersion in Warthunder in 2023 then you really need to move on. The devs have explained several times that they aren’t fussed about it, so complaing about it doesn’t really serve a purpose as pretty much every nation has atleast 1 ‘‘immersion breaking’’ vehicle at a certain battle rating.

There is still i guess a way to ‘‘fix’’ this by giving it stronger munitions, therefore giving it a reason to move up but for now if Gaijin want to keep it at a lower battle rating there is no issue.


It’s not really immersion as much as it is more just seeming out of place. This was very clearly made for it’s time period in the 80s/90s which makes its current battle rating just not feel right. Obviously I know time period does not mean anything for battle rating in this game, but I still would’ve rather something else be added instead. Even an L/70 mounted on a truck would just “fit” better than this. It has no place at such a low BR, and just feels extremely out of place. However I understand that there are very limited options but that doesn’t make it feel any less off.


What about the R3 T20? you want that to go up to ~8.0 and the Auble 74, the fiat?