Leopard 2PSO

The weirdest thing is Gaijin know what it should be. But they don’t change anything.
Now the dev patch has been Still nothing changed about PSO’s armor while MBT-2000 which Gaijin don’t know too much about it’s armor just got tons of change.

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It’s not over yet even after update we need to keep going until we get proper PSO


In fact, I think it’s still important to emphasize that there was no promise that it was a German Leopard 2 or that it would necessarily be a more advanced Leopard 2


If we look at it from the whole context, I’m pretty sure this is specifically for Germany. I’m also confident that Gaijin got the message about the German community’s discontent, so I don’t think they’re gonna be able to pull this off again without starting a bigger fire. This is all just my speculation so we both could be wrong or right.


Yes, I agree with you. But smin has not given an accurate promise, and given how they have treated PSO, I am reserving a pessimistic attitude for now. Maybe Germany will get a better Leopard 2 by then, but Sweden or Italy will probably get a better one at the same time, and I don’t think they will allow Germany to be competitive again


A new version is coming, but I have no hope for Germany’s new tanks unless German players can directly threaten Gaijin


Gaijin dared to do this to German vehicles, and I don’t believe he wouldn’t do the same with vehicles from other countries


Thank you a lot for your words. But about new leopards -smin don’t even say in what branch it will go ( so, say hi to “weak” Italy and Sweden). And again, thanks.