Leopard 2PSO


Same firepower as the 2A5. The only difference is that it gets DM11, which is even worse than HEAT or standard HE since the only way to kill anything with DM11 is a direct hit which is near impossible if you use the LRF. DM11 is useless against both aircraft and ground targets so what’s the point of adding it?


There is no option for the frontal add-on armour package to replace the dozer. Leopard 2PSO has the same hull as the 2A6EX demo 2 which also has the mounted frontal armour.


Leopard 2PSO-VT shown in picture above with mounted armour package


Leopard 2A6EX DEMO 2 shown in picture above with mounted armour package

Last time I checked RPG-7 wielding terrorist are not present in 10.7-11.7 (or any other BR for that matter) which makes the side armour just dead weight.
Additionally, the side armour and dozer are fixed, so you can’t even remove it for more mobility.
Correction: Dozer is now optional but not the composite side screens. Armour does not replace the dozer when unequipped

An argument could be made that the PSO never mounted the frontal armour package. …but then again, neither did the M6A2E1.


The PSO adds 7.5 tons and 150 HP 130 HP to the 2A5

2A5: 1500/59.5 = 25.2 hp/t

2A6: 1500/59.9 = 25.0 hp/t

2PSO: 1650/67.0 = 24.6 hp/t
Correction: 2PSO bug reported to be 1630/67.0 = 24.3 hp/t

The PSO still has worse power-to-weight ratio than 2A5 and the 2A6, with no tradeoff. The Strv122s have 24 hp/t, but they have the frontal armour package + Roof armour.

Same thermals as 2A5, gen 1 gunner, gen 2 commander. Some say it should have better thermals, so may it may change before release.
Correction: No evidence found for upgraded thermals on PSO

Lastly, so far Gaijin didn’t even bother to give the PSO it’s distinct historical demonstration camouflage.

Why was the leopard 2PSO added now? It brings absolutely nothing new to the German tree, if anything, it should have been added as a premium/event or TT 2 years ago. No upgraded thermals. Barely any better armour. Not even a new Camo. In it’s current form, Germany waited 3 years just for a side-grade 2A5.

Leopard 2 PSO Bug Reports:

Leopard 2 PSO missing hull armour - Submitted as a suggestion → Not a bug

Leopard 2 PSO Engine Power and RPM wrong - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO FLW 200 missing stabiliser and thermals - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO exposed turret ring - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO Incorrect ready rack placement - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO missing mine protection - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO missing armor on the back of the tank - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO armor plate misplaced behind the crew - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO Dozer Bug - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO misplaced Fuel tank - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO machine gun elevation seems to have a problem - fixed

Leopard 2 PSO decoration collision - acknowledged

Leopard 2 PSO track textures aren’t alligned with the damage model - acknowledged

Leopard 2 PSO Coaxial and mounted gun Getting stuck or not firing - acknowledged

Leopard 2 PSO having old/bugged turret armor model

Leopard 2 PSO skipping 9th gear

Leopard 2PSO add-on armour bug - not ricochecting APFSDS rounds


this issue needs more representation but considering its a dev server, id agree to give them more time

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Yep, I agree with you, I will make annotations to my post if there are any changes later. Hopefully at least some stuff will be addressed in later iterations of the dev server.


3 a more? Sry

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A huge problem of the PSO, is the still floating turret

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at least the turret ring was already acknowledged Gaijin.net // Issues


there is a big difference between the “floating”, the mistake is already acknowledged because it already was a bug in earlier leoaprd model

The turret of leoaprd 2a5/6 “floats” as well, the difference is that is is low enough that it covers the turret ring like it is supposed to compared to the current leoaprd 2 pso were the turret ring is exposed which is a bug/model mistake

Edit: someone already deleted his post about saying leo 2 pso turret is modeled correctly and it is supposed to float, i just clarified for him


Does anybody have a source for the vehicles top speed?

the RPM seems to be wrong should be 3000rpm not 2600rpm in the game Gaijin.net // Issues , but dont know how much that would affect it

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yes i reported it, but the other important thing is working out what its top speed should be for the gearing

I mean the M6A2E1 at least had a picture with the hull even if it wasn’t exactly the tank, at least it gave the idea of ​​the tank with the hull. It’s a different story with the PSO, so why should he get the option to do that too?

This is the closest of what I could find for the top speed, but it is very hard to see numbers properly…


yep, to me it looks like 52km/h

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Because the frontal armour was mounted on the hull of the 2A6EX, and the PSO uses the hull of a 2A6EX, but it removed the front section hull armour and replaced it for the dozer

Leopard 2A6EX with mounted hull armour package


On a 2A6 but not a 2A5 or is there any mention that this variant can also be fitted with additional armor frontally?

The PSO is using a leopard 2a6EX chassis, only the turret is a leopard 2a5 because of the smaller gun for urban environment

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I have a source that mentions the PSO could mount the armour instead of the dozer. I’ll post it here later today


If you have something like that, then I agree with that.

Might someone own this book? Apparently it is a relativ new enzyklopedia with information about all leopard versions

And more but to lazy to screenshot everything

That’s the source I was talking about.