Leopard 2A4M CAN: The Maple Leaf Leopard

if you read the subtitles of those pictures. You will actualy read that it states that armor components get inserted inside just saying


Oh yeah true πŸ˜…

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This still stays tan coloured when the camo netting is taken off, rip, hope for it to be fixed before implementation, ik its small but still

Edit: wait nevermind, guess it was fixed on the newest update

but i do wish the slat armour would change colours with difference camos

would be nice if it would be changed to composite, unless we’re getting some composite underneath the RHA

Still nothing new for the leo?

Slat armour and regular armour now modeled on top of the already modeled applique armour, other than that, nothing new
wedges are still 100mm RHA instead of composite

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Like if Canada buy 2A7 upgrades but only for chemical ammunition=~=

Thx gaijin

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still on their news page about the tank lmfao
if only they actually followed through with their words

maybe just MAYBE the playerbase wouldnt be so hostile and upset if they actually set stuff in stone and followed through with their promises and words

edit: suprise suprise its still vulnerable to KE-W (which it never had irl so WHY does it have it)

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Sad Canada

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It’s back to 10mm

yes but they filled the add on armor with inserts
the front turret armor comes to around 600mm its better then before

The anti heat plate on the right side is too short compared to the left side