Leopard 2A4CHL - The Chilean Leopard

mmm according to the source that I showed before says this, then it should be one of the fire control systems that you mentioned, in any case it will greatly improve the capabilities of the Leopard 2A4 CHL since they were becoming outdated, especially considering that the Argentine TAM It was recently modernized, I thank you very much for all the valuable information.

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But I am not referring to the vehicle itself, but to the nation to which it belongs, in this case Chile, that is why I mentioned the issue of Israel, in any case I would not be against it going to Germany either, I would like it too. Maybe it could be added to Germany as an event vehicle, since aesthetically it is quite different with the camouflage system and the ammunition is better than the normal Leopard 2A4

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Whoa, this is a very odd looking Leopard. I would like to see this and Chilean tanks in the game in general. I think the tree it goes to will have to depend on where other Chilean vehicles go to. I don’t think they should be added to Israel, Chile made a lot of tanks including this one that were not modifications of Israeli vehicles. I think they would be best suited for either a Latin American tree, or if that’s not added, a US subtree (due to being close allies). Whatever the case though, I do want to see all Chilean vehicles go to the same tree.

I don’t know what you mean by saying that Chile manufactured many tanks because in reality it wasn’t like that, in Chile Mowag Piraña was manufactured and different types of weapons were installed, I suppose that’s what you mean, and Chile does have quite a few vehicles that have to do with Israel, such as the M24 HVMS Super Chafee, the M-50 HVMS Super Sherman, the M41 HVMS, the Piranha 6x6 HVMS, the M51 Project-T, etc., and there are some others that are related to Israel, that’s why I have always believed that the best place for Chilean tanks is for Israel since I consider that Chile is the country that has the most relationship with Israel and the one that can provide it with the greatest number of vehicles that have to do with that country, and according to Talked to people from Israel, they also think that the best nation for an Israeli subtree would be Chile.

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Hmm, these Chileans remind me of someone))))


Chile, like Argentina, will be in Germany, it can supplement the aviation gaps in the form of F-16 (several), F-5E, C-101 Aviajet attack aircraft (9.0-9.3), possibly to replace the F.58, until the Swiss subtree appears in Germany. Moreover, the moderator recently wrote about the fact that prototypes, export cars from other countries will be located in the branch where the Leopard 2K will be (to the left of 2A5 / A6). Don’t expect to get Chili. The same Mowag Pirana are Swiss cars that Germany will have.


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+1 to this beauty for the Latin American technology tree.


What an awful idea. Chile, Argentina and Switzerland do not belong in Germany.

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This is a German technique without its own tree, respectively, the German technique leaves Germany. Switzerland can be said to have very close relations with Germany, as well as the Netherlands and the Benelux countries, Austria, Hungary (Italy should not have them), Denmark.

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What Swiss vehicles, aside from the Panzer 87, are German?

Let’s use this tree as an example.

Out of 72 vehicles this user found, the only copy-paste German vehicle is the Panzer 87. The other 5 Panzer 87s are all indigenous Swiss developments, made by Swiss companies. The Panzer 58/61/68 variants are all indigenous. Every AA is an indigenous design, perhaps some using French missiles, or American ones, but using Swiss hulls and Swiss companies. The closest to German vehicles (excluding the Pz. 87) you can get are:
The Cheetah, a proposal for Germany by MOWAG (Swiss company), which they rejected in favour of the Kanonenjagdpanzer.
The G-13s, which are export (Czechoslovakian-built) Hetzers, which Switzerland mounted a different gun on.
The MOWAG Tornado IFV, which was inspired by the Marder but was still an indigenous development.

That’s it.

Unironically, there are more French vehicles and French designs in this Swiss tree than German ones (AMX-13, Shark FL-12, Shark FL-20, VFlab Lpz 51, Lpz 51 mit 34 mm and the 10,5cm Sf Hb AMX.)

Does Hungary have something Italian in general, what would consider it an Italian subquest?

No, but they were allied during WW2.
It’s not the greatest link, I believe Spain would have made for a better sub-tree in Italy (shared vehicles, for one), but it works okay.

I think Hungary would be better suited in a Minor Axis tree (WW2 era) which then becomes an eastern Bloc tree (incl. Yugoslavia) (Cold War/Modern era).

Of course, you didn’t say about the stage of the military alliance. from 1992 to our time and beyond.

What’s this supposed to mean? You want Hungary in a German tree?

I said I didn’t agree with Gaijin’s placement of Hungary in Italy, or at least, there are better options. Just like there are much better options for Switzerland than to be relegated to a couple vehicles in the German tree.

Well, where do you think Switzerland should be introduced?

In an independent Swiss tree, they can manage 3-4 lines very easily, of very very little copy-paste, just like what I showed you. You could even add an Austrian branch to pad it out even more.

Or, second-best scenario (but still very much not ideal imo), is as a sub-tree, most likely for France, as they have the closest technological relations. Plus, they also need the extra help, they have 4 lines and Germany currently has 5 quite full lines.

Germany’s only claim to Swiss vehicles is they speak (a version of) German. That’s a terrible line of reasoning.

I think that Chile has nothing to do with Germany, we only share the Prussian doctrine since the 19th century, I still believe that the best place for things from Chile is Israel or a future latam tree, but everyone has their own opinion

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Even Chile has more to do with Germany than Hungary has with Italy.

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I don’t discuss that hahaha

Very cool, would definitely like to see it in game

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