Leopard 2A4 (1991) - up to the task

Great idea for a gap-filler tank. I’ve often seen people complain about Sweden having more Leopard 2s than Germany, which actually isn’t true but anyway, this could be a step in the “right” direction. 10.7 with DM33 sounds completely fine in my opinion.

actually that’s true for tech tree “production” leopard 2, sweden have 6 (strv 121, 122a,122b plss, 122b+, 2a4, and 2a6) while germany only have 5 (2a4, 2a5, 2a6, 2a5 PSO, and 2a7v)

You’re right, I counted all variants incl. event and premium. In terms of TT, as you said, Sweden has one more. In terms of overall, Germany has a few more (PT16-T14, 2PL, 2AV etc(.
But I guess after all TT is what really counts, so thank you for pointing out my mistake.

+1 10.7 with Dm33


+1, a Tech-C armor leopard with DM33 is what we need in Warthunder, which fills the gap of germany in 10.7, while germans need also different leopards to add in gap between 10.7 and 11.3 would be great


No doubt Germany needs it


Come on Gaijin, forward it :)