LeClerc lacks historical round yet is underperforming

Literally all memorised, that’s just how much I dwelt on Russian bias BS

Well, i guess its a medical case

Best part is how tanks like Leclerc can’t even get correct armour but when it’s Russian tanks, oh yeah let’s make em all UFOs

They arent flying.

Maybe not but the armour technology is from advanced alien civilisation


Nope. Absolutely fine

The Leclerc’s armor is negligible and the reload is not 4.0 seconds similar to the TKX / Type 10

Every other nation is given their historical 600+ pen round. Why isn’t France?

as i know Leclerc standard reload should be 5sec
Lack of modern ammunition it should have OFL 120 F2 start with S2 onward
armor is underperform uper area should act like an Abrams in most case

The one thing which is undisputed is France’s use of the OFL 120 F2 round

There is no legitimate excuse for Gaijin’s choice to not include it

They might using newer by now OFL 120 F2 are old ammunition

The Shard would legitimately be unbalanced it would lolpen any armor present in the game. The OFL 120 F2 is not and is on par with all other NATO tanks excluding Britain which for whatever reason doesn’t employ high penetrating rounds. There is no reasoning for as to why France is punished.

Feel bad for Britain one of my favorite TT but well L27A1 is the best they had irl so nothing we can do but sure no excuse for France getting new round even Sweden can get it

The best round has a base penetration value of over 570 mm!

If you’re gonna spit in our food you can at least not be happy about it.



Leave the S1 variant with just the OFL 120 F1

The S2, Azur, and SXXI all were developed with intention of using the OFL 120 F2

Your are spitting in the face of your players.


You’re only going from
589mm —> 613mm

Penetration from OFL 120 F1 —> OFL 120 F2

Is that pb or at like 2000m

It will also going to spall more since the weight so its still a good addition nevertheless

Point blank range

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Damn can I have it then?

Also it’s supposed to be 640mm pen at 2000 meters but Gaijin tones down performance of rounds in this game because otherwise everything would lolpen with current ahistorical armor performance.