Leclerc AZUR: Action In Urban Areas

Yes, that’s what side armor would be best used for and is what is expect in a game mode dedicated to tank engagements not insurgency fighting.

Do you want Azur to protect against tank guns like Kontact 5 or something?

There is no reason to add a modification to an MBT which is focused on protection against infantry attacks when the game does not feature infantry or hand held weapons.

400mm of chemical protection will not stop even ATGMs, the only thing it will protect against is HEAT-FS from stock tanks.

As this added weight isn’t being modeled as a module which can be removed all this tank variant serves to do is provide a slower Leclerc.

We could be getting the Leclerc XLR or even be given the OFL 120 F2 round for the S2 and SXXI, instead we get a decidedly worse variant than any other the three Leclercs currently present in the game.

This addition is pointless and only serves to show Gaijin’s fundamental misunderstanding of their game.


I agree with adding the OFL 120 F2 but I dont think the era will be useless. Most tanks start with stock heat alongside the often dragged up ifvs with missiles and most hits are at angles that make the era much more effective than just 400mm

Inane? I guess if you only consume Western sources and Western entertainment. Russian ERA/NERA has led the world since Kontakt-1 entered into service. What does the West have Blazer (yes I know it came before Kontakt-1), Brennus, BRAT? Nothing as good as Kontakt-5, let alone Relikt.

This is just ignorant of reality.

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No you. Lol

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@pesto: War propaganda.