Leaving the game and inviting you to join this movement

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the best exit, as a theatre kid I agree


Can you send some links and videos of said cheaters?

It would be against gaijins rules so sorry if it wouldn’t i would provide you alot of them sometimes i post them on w.t.c.s videos comments.

That’s how you supposed to exit and promote others maybe gaijin will start taking actions against them :D

Sorry I dont have any issues with cheaters, not enough to have a problem with the game. Dont see them often enough.

I wont be leaving because I enjoy the game and have fun playing it


apparently banning 10k people in the last run isnt good enough. This guy has high standards.


Leaving the game for a period of time has shown to not work. Besides they know we couldn’t leave for long.

What we need to do should be more passive. Like I don’t know. Not spending any money on the game? Have people considered not doing that? An en masse withholding of funds would do more than leaving. Just don’t spend anything for the entirety of April. It’s just that easy.

I don’t belive anyone who says cheaters are everywhere without providing proof of it.

Cheaters exist, but people overstate how common they actually are. I’ve gotten called a cheater because I wore headphones and I am able to tell where tanks are because of sound and map knowledge.


Sounds like a Skill Issue to me :^)

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^ That

However, analyzing someones game play from server replay would be acceptable… apart from discussing cheats of course…

Gaijin is constantly banning players that try to cheat, and systems upgraded and implemented to catch them

So, report suspects via the replay feature and if guilty they will be dealt with

That as well… it is often easier to claim someone is cheating rather than admit they got someone fair and square :P