LAZAR 3: Latest in Capability

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  • Description :
    • The LAZAR 3 is the latest variant of the LAZAR family of armored 8x8 vehicles developed in Serbia. Developed in 2015 by Yugoimport SDPR, it was first unveiled in 2017 at the arms exhibition IDEX in Abu Dhabi. The LAZAR 3 is an 8x8 armored personnel carrier designed to be universal, allowing different modifications and features to be implemented over time. Some of these features include modular armor, electronics, wide selection of weaponry, and more. The LAZAR 3 is can be equipped with several types of weaponry including 3 different combat modules. The first is the Russian 32V01 Remote Weapon Station which is equipped with the proven 2A42 30mm Automatic Cannon that can fire multiple types of ammunition. The 32V01 features enhanced thermal imaging and tracking, allowing the Gunner to target ground and air targets alike. It is armored to withstand light cannon fire and is equipped with 6x 81mm Tucha Smoke Grenades to provide concealment. The LAZAR 3 with the 32V01 has been at times designated the LAZAR 3A1. Another combat module is the Kerber Remote Weapon Station. This module tends to mate old/proven technology like the Zastava 20/3mm M55 Cannons and new fire control/ballistic systems that utilize electro-targeting optics to create an effective fire support vehicle that can target low flying helicopters and drones or provide infantry support. Last is the Praga Turret. This turret is currently under heavy development through Yugoimport but is equipped with 2x 30mm PLdvK vz. 53 Automatic Cannons that can be traced back to the Czechslovak M53/59 Praga self-propelled anti-aircraft gun. The Automatic Cannons are integrated into the turrets fire control system which features latest-generation thermal imaging and ballistics computer, allowing the Gunner to target ground or air targets. Yugoimport is in the process of integrating the NOVA anti-tank missile system into the Praga Turret which would significantly increase the capabilities of the LAZAR 3. The NOVA ATGM is capable of ranges out to 8km and can penetrate around 1,000mm of RHA behind ERA due to its Tandem-HEAT warhead. The current LAZAR 3 with the Praga Turret featuring NOVA missiles is believed to be a mockup, with completion in the near future. The LAZAR 3 with the Praga Turret and NOVA missiles has been designated at times as the LAZAR 3P. Both the Praga and Kerber modules utilize 4x 82mm Smoke Grenade Launchers for concealment. Other variants of the LAZAR 3 have integrated RALAS missiles or have put the LAZAR 3 in a utility role such as an ambulance. The LAZAR 3 is equipped with the 500 hp Cummins ISM 500 Diesel Engine mated to a Timoney Transmission which allows for speeds of around 110km/h. For protection, the LAZAR 3 comes standard with STANAG 4569 Level 3 Ballistic Armor and Level 3a/b Mine Protection. This can be upgraded further with modular armor, bringing the LAZAR 3 protection to STANAG 4569 Level 5 Frontally and Level 4 for all-around protection. An optional anti-spall liner can be added as well. The vehicle with full armor and combat load can reach a maximum weight of 28t with standard combat weight between 24-26t. The LAZAR 3 can transport 9 personnel on top of its standard crew requirements being a Commander, Gunner, and Driver. Many of the improvements have taken account of the LAZAR 2’s flaws. The main differences between the LAZAR 2 and LAZAR 3 are new armor layout/increased armor protection, increased maximum speed, wider hull, as well as new maintenance access hatches, hydraulics, and other crew quality of life improvements. The LAZAR 3 entered service within the Serbian military in 2017. Export customers include Turkmenistan, who utilizes the LAZAR 3 with the MB2-03 Remote Weapon Station.
    • The LAZAR 3 will also feature integration of a variant of the Au-220M Remote Weapon Station that is featured on the 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO.
    • The goal of these suggestions is to bring awareness and the future implementation of an independent Yugoslavian Ground Forces Tree.
    • Special thanks to @YugoSlavfor their assistance in creating Yugoslavian suggestions!
  • Role : Infantry Fighting Vehicle
  • Origin :
    • Serbia
  • Combat Modules:


List of turrets available for the LAZAR 3 platform including specifications.



LAZAR 3 (32V01)



The LAZAR 3 equipped with the 32V01 module.


Illustration of the 32V01 module with Gunner’s Station.

LAZAR 3 (Kerber)



Different views of the LAZAR 3 equipped with the Kerber module.


An illustration of the Kerber module by Yugoimport.

[center]LAZAR 3 (Praga)[/center]



Different views of the Praga module with and without NOVA missile cannisters.


The NOVA Missile, an ATGM produced in Serbia.

# Turkmenistan LAZAR 3


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