Kill Stealing: Why it's definitely not a stupid concept and why doing it can ruin the match

then it’s as easy as just nobody get close to it.

Please elaborate as to what you are trying to say.

People can get really desperate for a kill man.

If a plane is on fire, with no obvious controls hurdling to the ground, why try and take it? Is that hand full of rp worth taking away someone else’s pleasure from the match?

Sometimes I just like to just sit in a burning plane until someone tries to take the kill, and just before their missile hits, I J out. No steal for you.

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Well at the heart of the matter is the concept of destroyed in the game, if it is destroyed it is out of the game, hitting a wreck does nothing likewise the wreck cannot contribute to the game by firing on other vehicles.
Herein lies the problem with Gaijin’s interpretation/concept of what is destroyed, I expect everyone has been damaged or even destroyed by a plane spiraling in a death dive but the pilot/gunner still heroically at their post spraying shots aimlessly in a rage at their fiery death. Totally stupid and unrealistic.
It is up to the company to sort this out not the players, the players cannot change the coding of the game, part of me sees it as the all too intrusive concept that everyone is a winner and you get praise and rewards for taking part, in some cases the actual winner is pushed to the side as the gallant totally outclassed loser is lauded as the heroic winner.
Although people scoff at the idea, there are also patented algorithms that mean you are not just playing against other people but also the game, the game is aware that you may quit so you are given advantages and your opponents are given disadvantages, you may have what you consider a bad game, but if the program makes your margin of error much tighter than your opponent no matter how good you actually are you will fail. This is also used to encourage spending on premium items, your teammate has an awesome game with their premium setup, then hey if I buy that I will as well.

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this game will reward toxic people over mentally sane individuals. Oh you are having fun? don’t worry, the sweatlord or the kill stealer will get more points than you. My latest matches on f-5c got me killed because first one an f-4s aim7f’d me and the second one i was already engaging and shooting an a10 when a vampy squadron member ellie or something cut it in half with the gsh30-2 and sent the plane spinning into my trajectory. I lost right wing and of course i crashed. It’s all on their fault for engaging. Of course i got an assist because of frag deficiency, a common issue that affects west europe.