Kill Stealing: Why it's definitely not a stupid concept and why doing it can ruin the match

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I would define some things simpler for “killstealer” crybabies

not everything you see in air or ground is your exclusive target
not everything you declare over chats as your exclusive target belongs to you
not everything you fired bullets at(even if you missed) is your exclusive target
if you’re unable to finish a target due to your skills and somebody save your sorry a… be grateful
if you want exclusive target only for you, play user missions or solo missins, this is a teamplay game


i don’t think you’re actually addressing that, as a team play, unprotecting your teammates to profit off their hard work literally kills the part where you say “this is a team game”. You have to COVER your teammates, not freeload from their hard work.

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The reason why Defyn gets so many kills and wins so many games is because he covers his teammates, not because he steals kills or anything. He sits above and watches. He is CONSTANTLY saving people and his 1vX are very rare because he keeps most of his team alive.

I haven’t personally had too much trouble with kill stealers sense the severe damage addition. Does it need to be look at again? Yeah it could get looked over, because idk how many times I’ve taken a guy’s control surfaces and it doesn’t count it then I loose the kill or have to go in again. But like I said, with the severe damage addition I’ve had less trouble with it.

What REALLY pisses me off is, the 3rd partiers. Like you said, it’s really annoying to have someone 3rd party someone you either set on fire and haven’t gotten the severe damage yet or someone do itid dogfight.

And like @MadDaishi said, just because you marked something or someone doesn’t mean it’s your particular target, but it is annoying to get 3rd partied mid dogfight

it’s not about stealing kills and all, it’s about what involves prior to kill stealing and third partying.

I feel a number of kill steal issues would be fixed if a burning plane counted as a kill for both players just like severe damage does right now (target finished off + severe damage kill counted). However, fire should not give severe damage in itself until the plane is actually downed either by a wingman or the flames themselves.

Or if not a kill, a more significant assist credit.

Another thing that might help would be bringing back proximity score. Not as a passive countdown that can be abused by flying in close formation with the enemy, but rather something like the “Teamwork” medal but for the whole team: If a plane suffer severe damage within 2 km of you, you are the closest plane at the time of this happening and no assist credit awarded already - you receive an award that counts towards activity% for RP rewards and gives silver lions on par of an assist, or at least critical damage.

Looking at combat maneuvering and BFMs, it is standard practice for fighter wings to have one plane distract/energy trap the enemy while the wingman swoops in to kill it. The “Thatch Weave” of U.S naval aviation fame being one simple and very effective implementation of this.

If we implement teamwork rewards, killstealing won’t be an issue to worry about anymore.

And I am not saying this as the kill stealer. I am saying this as the person that consistently stalls enemy planes out only for my wingmen to get the kill - which I wouldn’t mind if it counted as an assist or at least added to activity. I tend to thank my teammates for intervening if anything.

… Also we need maneuvering kill credits. Planes ripping their wings off trying to dive away or after you or slamming into the ground before you hit them enough times for the game to decide it was your kill sucks.


I never go in with the intention of kill stealing. That being said, I have moved in and killed a hostile which was reversing on the guy who thought he was shooting it down and saved his butt. Then he responds by calling me a kill stealer. Yes, I got his target but the alternative was letting him kill you. You’re fine with that? Sure, just advertise ahead of time, “I want to die, leave me and my target alone!”

I get that this is a game but in real combat, the objective is kill the enemy. If he’s smoking but still maneuvering and shooting, he ain’t dead! I’ve had many others “steal” my kills and I just let it go. Sure, it’s frustrating but we need to win.

If it’s still alive, it’s still a threat, and thus needs to be finished off.

It’s not stealing.


wanting to dogfight and get reversals is not wanting to die.

Maybe I just have more skill than you because I can finish it off, hurr durr…

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Not interested in your advances… You wanna take a jab at my skill, then take the return on the chin.

Again, there is no gaslighting, I genuinely have that opinion, and you attacking my skill shows you have nothing more than to provoke an argument, because you can’t handle having it slung back at you.

End of story.

There is no gaslighting, it’s a genuine mocking situation, hurr durr…

You make a lot of fair points however do consider there’s a line between what is being a dick and why it’s frustrating.
Ex: Gaijin’s fault for poorly coding the “Severe damage mechanic” which was added to remedy the whole kill-stealing issue however it was poorly coded so even if you are meant to get the kill someone else kills the plane. The game will not detect it and not activate this mechanic. So what it leads to is being annoyed. In one of the matches I was in, one guy was going down, burning->Results->Someone steals the kill. I don’t get an assist nor the “Severe Damage” since apparently losing your engine is not severe damage nor worth a kill assist.

Anyone would be very damn annoyed knowing that should have been your kill. You did the work, and the other person didn’t but they got it instead. This would piss people off. It is the equivalent of you doing your job but someone else is promoted and you’re fired for being lazy meanwhile they didn’t do jack but said they did. Even if there was footage.

Now trying to claim a target was solely yours yet they shot it down before you. Is not a kill steal. That’s fair play. That player was first to the hunt, you simply came too late to do much.


isn’t that the whole point of “Severe Damage ?”

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Again, ain’t stealing kills, and just because they don’t play the same way as you, doesn’t mean they are bad…

Oh, and when you put that into google translate, it comes back as “You didn’t steal my stupidity”…

Maybe you need to stop trying to use languages you aren’t native in, trying to make problems.

And if you aren’t going to read what I put about the fact that I said multiple times about me NOT airfield camping, but you kept making out I did, and had less skill because of it, then don’t even keep replying… I care not for your vitriol and throwouts, because that is one of the things you do…

You throw out ‘chinese’ statements, and they’re looking to be really agressive/insulting.

Thank god you aren’t a mod because the prejudice would be damn untolerable.

( Edit - This is on point. Their post being deleted is indicative of the trouble. )

… can we not turn this thread into a personal discussion?

Why cannot we instead focus on ways gaijin could encourage and reward teamwork that cannot be abused ? If we rewarded teamwork, the concept of kill stealing wouldn’t even matter.

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Severe damage mechanic was implemented for this. If it’s not working right, then it needs expanding.