completly unbalanced fucking missiles. it gets launched at you from 20km away and what are you supposed to do? just sit still and die? they launch it from too high alt for it to pop up on ur radar for you to intercept the missile. and they can just fly in and gun you down or launch more. Nato countries etc gets way worse missile with the best being the maverick that is so much worse than it. now they are adding a new missile also that has even more range??? the fuck are you supposed to do???

Move a few meters) They can’t lock vehicle on such range. Only ground. Especially I have no idea what you can see at 20km without a thermal.

Maverick have better max vehicle lock range.

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lmao maverick doesnt have a better lock range and moving doesnt help if its coming from space u will still just die its such a bullshit russian bias missile

Ok, bro. I can upload a video with 13-14km maverick lock. Can you do the same thing with a Kh-29?

Where there will be huge white trails behind you…

i’m not really in support of the OP bad mouthing you, but personally when playing with AGM-65B they only start tracking more or less 8km. beyond that it just lock onto the ground

wheres the bad mouthing?

the maverick will just lock onto the ground at every possible moment if its not at the centre of the enemy track within the pixxle

You need pod for 12-14km lock.

ah i see, mine was launched from F-16AJ, that’s explain stuff

also apparently you cant shoot the KAB-500kr out of the air it just eats the vt1 missiles and has them explode on it

also mostly i was talking about the kh-29TD missile that actually has the 20km lock on range

can you shoot down the walleye or gbu8 then?

think u can with guns but not with missiles only and theres a ton of missile only top tier spaa

It does not. It has a ~6.5km lock on range for tank sized targets.

It can lock the ground outside of that, same as every other TV missile.

Are we talking of KH-29 or KH-38?

Only one agm can currently lock a target 20km, the agm65 D…the kh 29 can only lock under 12 km, anything over that and youre just locking into the ground