KF 41 Cannon MK30-2/ABM Underperforming

The KF 41 uses the same gun as the Puma, but with increased br of 10.7 it meets a lot tougher opponents.
The gun already has a lot of different problems acknowledged by gajin in its use with the Puma.
And i feel like this should now be addressed with the addition of the KF41 since it will meet a lot stronger opponents.

PMC287 Penetrator should weight 160g - higher weight =more spall= more dmg
MK30-2/ABM has too low accuracy
AHEAD splash radius too small/insufficient damage

“Fixed but still to bad”
Gun overheats to fast

Requires new implemented sytem
AHEAD ammunition being linked with FCS (Fire Controll System)

All this bugs have been discussed in the old forum Puma thread , added internaly to gajin reports directly or added trough issues reports


And please dont discuss were the KF41 here, i want to buff the KF41 and PUMA guns trough this