Ka 50 terrible flight performance

in GRB i die more of flight eror than by enemy players is this normal?

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Try practice in heli arcade or test drive. You may try other helis to feel some different flight experiences.

arcade and realistic are two different worlds

so if u skilled what am doin wrong ?

Ngl, a CH should not act like this on forum,…
You’re tagged as a volounteering Helper, not as a Volounteering troll,…


It’s easier to fly in War Thunder than DCS. Sounds like a pilot issue.

How do you fly it? Do you rush in or do you stay back and use ur range and missiles?

i rush to spot where can i flank aa at safe distance around 300 km h i go

i don’t think hely just fall so from the sky like drunk person

Are you shooting of like 2 atgms then scooting or just staying in one spot? Also how low or high do you fly?

thx for advice for scouting with vikhr and u

While not as agile as the Apaches for example the Ka-50 has very good flight characteristics. If you dive and go too fast it tends to lock up but so does every other helicopter. Without a lot more specificity on your part β€œskill issue” is unironically the only feedback we can really give you.

Abuse the fact that radar ingame is completely terrible when you fly close to the ground

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I know but it gives you a less dangerous environment to get hands on experiences of operating weapon systems, maneuvers, and stuff.

is very easy to say skill issue but no one give advice how to prevent it

AB mode u can oly use in pve hely

It literally is a skill issue

It can if you put into a vortex ring state. It will drop like a rock and the only way out of that is to nose forward and hope you have enough altitude to build up speed to fly out of it. Don’t be so aggressive lowering the collective.

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