Junkers Ju 88 S-3

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The Junkers Ju 88 S-3 was one of the final bomber models of the Ju 88 series. Equipped with the powerful Jumo 213 engine, it was a development of the previous Junkers Ju 88 bomber. By late 1942, it was becoming increasingly obvious that the A-series no longer possessed sufficient performance to afford a reasonable chance of evading enemy aircraft during daylight operations, thus a determined effort was made by Junkers to boost performance without introducing radical changes that would disrupt the production lines. The S-series differed from its predecessors primarily in its weight reduction and general streamlining. In order to increase performance, the armor which had been progressively added to the airframe was reduced to the pilot’s seat, an armor glass section forming part of the B-Stand, and some 4 mm plate protecting the oil coolers. The crew was reduced to three members with the defensive armament being decreased. Most of the external bomb racks were removed, the ventral gondola, dive brakes, and automatic pull out gear were discontinued, and the standard nose was replaced with a smooth, hemispherical, glazed nose cap which included a heated optical flat to provide the pilot with a downward view. The Ju 88 S featured more powerful engines, excellent performance, & a maximum speed in excess of 615 km/h when utilizing GM-1. Armed with an MG 131 in the B-Stand (rear dorsal), its bomb load, carried internally & externally in the bomb bay (Gerüst Schloß 50/X) or on two ETC 1000 bomb racks, comprised of the following loads:

1 x 1,800 kg
1 x 1,400 kg
2 x 1,000 kg + 18 x 65 kg
2 x 1,000 kg
1 x 1,000 kg
2 x 500 kg + 18 x 65 kg
2 x 500 kg
2 x 250 kg + 18 x 65 kg
2 x 250 kg
18 x 65 kg
18 x 50 kg

In War Thunder, the Ju 88 S-3 would be a 1944-1945 late war aircraft as the game’s other bombers, the Ju 88 A-1 & Ju 88 A-4, are completely out of place for late war maps or events/scenarios. About 423 Ju 88 S were produced throughout 1944 with an unknown number converted from A-4 components. This suggestion is specifically for the Junkers Ju 88 S-3 bomber. Main features of the Ju 88 S-3 would be:

~615 km/h maximum speed
Powerful Jumo 213 equipped with GM-1
Flame damper tubes
MG 131 in B-Stand
Ability to carry the 1,800 kg bomb
Maximum bomb load of 3,170 kg

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Love to see proposals for chad ww2 vehicles and less turbo virgin modern ones.

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