Junkers Ju 287 V3

A downloadable book in pdf format (85mb):

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The V-3 is a definite yes if that could be added with the V-2 being an event vehicle.

Definite +1 from me if both could be added.

Why the V3 version in particular?

tail armament

Meh honestly it would probably do better without them

I wouldn’t mind a V4, V5, V6, A-0, or B-0 as well

But those were not finished from what I’m guessing. I would just like the V2 assuming that’s the version without a back turret. We are not missing much really. Those are 13mm after all

The V2 is just a V1 with some engine related changes and as such, it has no business being in this game:


You want an unarmed, payloadless, low-speed testbed to do what exactly? Randomly fly around in the game, pretending to be an airliner, while admiring the scenery? As stated before, the V3 should be the absolute bottom limit (no V1, V2) for introduction into this game:

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Why not just add the OKB-1 EF 131

We have no flight data for the V3

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Well I asked what differences are there between V2 and V3 . I assumed that V2 could actually take a payload.

That would be complicated

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How? Just give it to USSR and Germany

Fucking forum. I guess it ate my images &/or you did not see them. Here they are again:

Furthermore, I did provide a link above to a very detailed book. Perhaps you should download & read it

Now I can see it thanks

to be honest they should make a specific update called " Big Bombers" with the Ju-287, B-36 , B-52 , B-50 with ground radar Tu-95, B-83, B-1, B-2. I know all tank players will hate this and people who just don’t have a life but that is what there should be in current war thunder

The EF 131 is literally just the V3 but with the engines installed so all flight data from the 131 can work for the V3.

Also please add this plane gaijin I’ve been asking for it for years +1.

Then to prevent complainers, give ussr the “EF 131” and Germany the Ju 287 V3, kinda like what happened with the JaPz.K A2

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