JAS 39 Gripen for Sweden

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True. The Viggen even with 6 AIM-9Ls simply isnt enough anymore. Not only is the D version only slightly more powerful than the C, it nearly always fights 12.0 vehicles. It is my only wish for Sweden to get the Grippen.

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I feel like you completely missed recent economy and tt changes


This, the Gripen with 6 x AIM-9L would be pretty mid for top tier air, more of a side move from the JA73D but it would set up a great 4th Gen AMRAAM platform for the future, and the Gripen would be a huge improvement in terms of CAS, with laser guided bombs and Mavericks to use it would blow the AJS37 out of the water.

Sweden needs this, the only nation with a worse top tier is the UK and tbh there is nothing that can be done for them right now, the minor nation neglect this patch is unreal and the fact that Russia now has arguably the 2 best jets for air battles and the US has 5 rank 8 aircraft while the rest of us fight for scraps is insulting.

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JAS-39A with AIM-9L + Skyflash at 12.0BR would be good

The addition of new f16s and the Mig29SMT was completely unnecessary, they could have simply waited for their addition in the next patch which would have been way better. All the arguments about what Block the new F16C now really is could have been avoided but NO… we got to have a new Mig29 bc it was oh soo bad and old


You know that US and Russia will recieve much more aircrafts than others just because they’re 2 powerful nation military wise.

F-14 / F-15 / F-16 / F/A-18
Su-27 and variants / MiG-29 / MiG-25 / MiG-31

There is numerous aircrafts to add.

Meanwhile european nations will simply goes by 1 aircrafts at a time, with slight upgrades,…
Like Mirage 2000 /gripen / tornadoes or exported F-16 / early gripens

In later we will have Rafale /Typhoon/ Gripens

So it’s simply normal that Gaijin add more stuff to those big nations,…

However the way Gaijin deal with adding new stuff today (and historically) is bad, creating lot of anger into those “minor” nations.

But in the meantime, being angry about that,… well it’s ridiculous, as you know you’ll recieve it before the end of the year,… it’s not like it was shadowed until you see the devblog, sooo calm down it deserves the community more than it deserves Gaijin itself.

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The gripen A could EASILY be added with aim9ls only but gaijin just doesnt care about minor nations and this patch is a perfect example.


Neither of those are upgraded airframes, in-fact SMT is a downgrade.
The only upgrade is in weapons.
I hope Gripen is ready.

I don’t see the point you are trying to make here, the flight models are verso slightly different (Block 10 is still the most manouvrable due to its weight).

In case of the Mig I don’t care what you are saying if the BR of the Mig29SMT doesn’t change and other minor nations have to fight for their life in ineffective outdated planes at the same BR I call bullshit. “It’s a major nation” is no excuse


My point is adding SMT is more than perfectly fine because it’s not an improved airframe, and in-fact is a downgraded airframe that instead chose more endurance over dogfight capability.
The only 11.3 I could see having any serious issue is Mig-23MLA. Everything else has Aim-7F with PDs.
There are no such thing as major nations to me.

Flare, & counterattack. Best way to deal with SMTs. And we still don’t know all that’s coming, on top of that the 12.0s will largely be fine.

AHAHHAAH “no planes will have issues”


You’re the one being angry,… but in fact, you know that all i said above is true,…

You’re yet trying to flip me off,… but keeping will simply getting you banned from this forum,…

Try to be objective for once in your life:
Gripen have been said to be coming BEFORE the END OF THE YEAR.

And there is MULTIPLE UPDATE in ONE Year,…

So,… JUST WAIT,… as all other minor nations like Japan

What how did japan wait? They got a F16 that never existed. Instead of waiting for F2
The Gripen NEEDS to be added now that i dont know how objective i can be, Sweden is the ONLY nation without good top tier cas.
The gripen C has been confirmed yes, But the A could be added before it with AIM 9Ls only and ground ordinance.


No,… Gripen have been confirmed, they didn’t confirmed any variants,… don’t dream my boy

The C has been confirmed :) You clearly dont know anything ;)


And lets say hypothetically you are right they add the A together with the Su27 and F15, It would be DOA like the JA37D fixing nothing

Gripen is considered a Light multirole aircrafts, Su-27/F-15 are considered heavy superiority fighters,…

Japan still awaits, France have several other intersting and possible models aswell
Mirage 4000
Rafale M-F.1 (which only Had Magic-2 in it’s early days therefore being currently possible aswell)

I don’t know much about Gripen A’s or B’s, but it seems to me, that those Gripens are pre-series of final development which is the C/D (in such that Gripen C didn’t bring much more in combat, apart numerical systems, and electronic suite).

Then considering Grippen is to be added soon, you’re far less in the shadows than most other nations.

Even more considering that Fox-3’s are going to be added alongside Gripen, so you’re will not end-up DOA,…

What is japan waiting for please tell me they have a 4th gen fighter to play with untill the F2 gets added.
As for france i will admit their Air to air situation is lacking but they have a really good cas plane in form of the 2000F.
Gripen A is the first version of the gripen.

The C brought better radar, electronic upgrades, better engine, and brought it up to nato standards. Soon being 3 months. The ONLY nation that is worse of Air to air wise is the UK which still has good cas.

The only nation without decent top tier cas is sweden i dont know how you can fail to see that. The A would 100% DOA if introduced with SU 27 and F15 regardless of fox 3.

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