Jan : F-15 is going to redefine the meta for top tier air combat

Are you F**king Serious about this?
Fight against 6 27ER with nerfed AIM-7M? with Glass Wing? without TWS and HMS?
Please tell me you are kidding us.


The F15A-C dont have a hmd irl idk abt the E or EX

pretty sure f15cs today do infact get hmds


The F-15C did receive JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounting Cueing System). It was part of an upgrade package for the C that replaced the radar with an AESA radar. So there’s no way if they keep it realistic that we get HMD on the F-15 any time soon sadly.

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I misspelled something, it’s Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing system.

You know what it did have? The F100-PW-100 which Gaijin reduced the total thrust of the F-15A by 12000 lbf of total thrust under what the actual engines produce.